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Job Applicants and Advertising Annual Trends

Annual HR trends, job adverts and applicants

Research into annual recruitment activity and numbers of job applicants, carried out by WaveTrackR has shown a cyclical annual trend of peaks and dips in recruiting activity. Following this trend and anticipating the busy periods can allow recruiters to maximise their results. Also getting ahead of these peak periods and starting your recruitment earlier, can alleviate some of the increased competition.

The beginning of the year is the most important time for recruitment, with applicants seeking to start a new career creating a surge in applications across all online media.

People moving onto new jobs in Q1 also creates vacancies that need filling, leading to greater demand for recruiters and high levels of recruitment activity.

Job searching activity then slows to an annual low in April until the construction industry starts their summer recruitment activities and this contributes to a spike in May & June.

University graduates completing their degrees in May also begin to enter the job market, leading to a surge in graduate level applicants and a scramble for the best ‘Out of Education’ talent by companies.

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The number of job applicants then remains steady until the next peak in September, when school leavers also start their job search. The market usually slows back down during Q3, before job seekers start the search for seasonal work in the run up to Christmas.

The number of job adverts posted remains relatively steady throughout the year, with an increase at the start and end of each year and a massive drop off pre Xmas.

The start of the year represents busy times for recruiters, as businesses set their budgets and growth targets. Recruiters with foresight usually get their job adverts posted in December, in anticipation for the rush in recruitment after the New Year and the increased demand and inevitable Dutch auction for the best candidates.

Knowing the best times to advertise and when most candidates are on the market can greatly benefit your recruitment activities, helping you improve your results. You can read the full report here.

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