The world’s most advanced and reliable multi-posting service.

The technology is fully integrated into the Smart Recruit Online platform. Meaning our users can take advantage of this service within our simple job posting facility.

Broadbean also provide extensive data and insights into SRO’s job posting activities and also the candidate applications data and analytics, which allows us to understand explicitly what is working and what is not.

Our exclusive relationship with Broadbean also gives us access to additional data and provides important insights for both global and national data statistics, trends and information that enables us to make better media buying decisions and also provide further insights on a per job basis to our clients.

Finally, Broadbean operates alongside SRO as an international media buying partner, so that we are able to assist our international customers to identify the best media buying channels outside of the UK and obtain competitive rates too.

Visit the Broadbean website here.


Burning Glass

An analytics software company that has cracked the genetic code of an ever changing job market.

Burning Glass delivers real-time solutions that automate many administrative aspects within the recruitment process. Their advanced algorithms analyse and assess the relevance of a candidate’s application to your vacancy. The candidates are then accurately placed into an order of suitability within the Smart Recruit Online dashboard.

Visit the Burning Glass website here.


PRISM Brain Mapping

An advanced, neuroscience-based behaviour mapping service.

The service allows the recruiter to establish areas of potential conflict between the perceived behavioural and cultural requirements of the business, and the cultural and behavioural preferences of the individual. Prism is fully integrated into the SRO platform for ease of use.



The smartest tool for the job™, multi-award-winning AI-powered, programmatic technology platform that automates, manages and optimises job advertising.

ClickIQ plugs recruiters into an extensive performance media network. Placing the right job in the right place at the right time, to reach the best candidates in the most cost-effective way.

Freeing up your time, so you can focus on what you do best – hiring great people.

Read more on Click IQ here.

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