Product Applicant Tracking System

Smart Recruit Online’s Applicant Tracking System gives your team everything they need to run their recruitment campaigns. From creating and advertising jobs, attracting talent, screening candidates, and making the perfect hire. With our platform, you can do all of that in one place in a quicker amount of time and at a lower cost.

Automatic Workflows

Reduce the time you spend on admin. Our applicant tracking system is created to streamline and improve the efficiency of your recruitment campaigns. Set up automatic emails, auto decline candidates, and enable them to book their own interviews with our self-service scheduler.

Find the right talent

As soon as your job advert is live on the job boards and you are receiving applications, our intelligent platform, integrated with powerful CV Parsing technology, will rank and display candidates in your dashboard in order of suitability for your role. No longer do you need to trawl through CVs to find the best candidates, our platform does the hard work for you.

Candidate Screening

All of the candidate screening is done through the platform. Upon applying for one of your roles, a profile will be created for the candidate where all of their details are collected. Here, any information you receive on the candidate is kept, including their CV, Application Forms, Video Interviews and Behavioural Assessments.

Team Collaboration

Collaborating with your team couldn’t be easier with the Smart Recruit Online applicant tracking system. Assign hiring managers to specific job advert campaigns and enable them to add notes and feedback to each candidate profile within that role. Admins can also set predefined email templates for the rest of the team to use.


Take the guess work out of your recruitment campaigns. Our reporting feature will help you identify key areas for improvement. Understand the numbers and sources of applications and key metrics such as time-to-hire and average costs. You can then download the reports and present them back to the wider team.

High Visibility of Your Campaigns

With the applicant tracking system, you will have high visibility of the job adverts you are running and where you are in the recruitment pipeline with candidates. Stats on the main dashboard and the individual campaigns will give you instant insight into how your campaigns are running and the numbers of candidates you are receiving.

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