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Q1 2019 Recruitment Statistics – from WaveTrackR

By David Dou

At Smart Recruit Online, we aim to stay up to date in all developments of the recruitment sector, and that includes trends and statistics. One of the articles that gave us great insight to trends in recruitment was WaveTrackRs’ quarter 1 report.

WaveTrackr’s report has shown an increase in overall recruitment activity during Quarter 1 of 2019 compared to Quarter 1 of 2018. Q1 2019 has also seen an increase of 10% in jobs posted and 46% more applications compared to Q4 2018.

Recruitment statistics, Q1

Relation between the number of jobs posted and applications made in Q1

This trend is consistent with the annual cycle in the relation between jobs advertised and the number of applicants. The start of the year usually sees a surge in job applicants as people enter the new year with new resolutions.

Statistics, average applications per job

Average applications per job, 2018-2019

Although the start of the year shows an increase in the number of applicants per role, the number of applicants is still unevenly distributed by sector. The sectors that attracted the most applicants in Q1 2019 were secretarial and administration, senior appointments and the travel, leisure and tourism sector. For the travel and leisure sector, the start of Quarter 2 is a particularly good time to ramp up their recruitment efforts in preparation for the peak business season in Summer.The first Quarter of 2019 also saw much higher competition for roles, with higher numbers of applicants per role than Q4 2018.

Some sectors continued to suffer from staff shortages however, with telecommunications, healthcare and electronics attracting the fewest number of applicants.

Applicants per job, by sector

Average number of applicants per job posted


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