Recruiters: The business case for change
- May 26, 2020

To all independent and agency recruiters. I would like to hazard a guess, that like the rest of us, you have considered making changes to the way that you work? And when you have, its because you probably built up a compelling business case in your head to justify it?


Time for change

I have personally spent many years building the business case for changing the way that recruitment should be done. And I would like to invite you to join me for just 15 minutes of your time so that I can share this with you.


Agency reseller


In the next 15 minutes, you will discover that everything we do at SRO is justified and backed up by many years of research and data analysis and takes an evidence-based approach to every stage in the recruitment lifecycle in order to build a very compelling case for change.

We combine our knowledge and understanding of what corporate clients actually want and are willing to pay for. With a deeper understanding of the human behavioural science that drives applicant behaviours.  From this, we have developed a unique suite of technology and tools, complimented with tried and tested processes, that are enabling us to out-perform every other online recruitment service.

What we are subsequently able to offer you, is the opportunity to become an approved reseller of the SRO platform. That will perfectly complement what you already do well.

During the last 20 years, I myself have transitioned from high performing recruiter to successful agency business owner. And now into a recruitment technology innovator. Smart Recruit Online won 5 international awards last year. I emphatically believe that products like SRO will revolutionise the way that all recruiters work in the future.

I hope that you find the webinar interesting and relevant.
You might be surprised how easy it could be to adapt your current recruitment business to include 3 new key revenue streams and completely change the perception that corporate clients have of you and the way you work.

Mark Stephens
CEO & Founder of Smart Recruit Online

Mark Stephens

Mark has established a reputation for his passion and enthusiasm over twenty years working in the recruitment industry, both client and agency side. For the last ten years, he has been researching the HR & Recruitment landscape from both a technology and people perspective. A previous winner of the prestigious Chambers – Innovation in Business award, Mark is a serial entrepreneur and is the founder of Smart Recruit Online Ltd, CareersPage Ltd, The HR Resource Library and Corporate Wellness & Mental Health UK Ltd. His company, Smart Recruit Online, has been the winner of 7 national and international awards in the last 18 months for recruitment innovation. Mark has dedicated his time since 2007 researching the online HR & Recruitment sector from a user, technology, and candidate behaviour perspective, and is regularly published and quoted by leading industry publications for his research and personal opinions.

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