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Key Components Of The Modern eCommerce Marketing Executive

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Lucy Wyndham Dec 10, 2020 Candidate Quality

We tasked SRO researcher and guest journalist Lucy Wyndham, to investigate what its like recruiting for an in-demand skills set.

It was agreed that the job title of the role she would look into was that of an Ecommerce Marketing Executive. What she discovered, would prove to be useful to any business or recruiter looking for someone within this discipline, and demonstrates the benefits of understanding your target candidate, before embarking on a recruitment campaign to find the best talent.


Key Components Of The Modern eCommerce Marketing Executive

The field of e-commerce marketing is a fiercely competitive one, placing talent within the industry in huge demand. Figures reported by Yahoo show that brands operating from Britain, such as Unilever, had sunk £49bn into the industry by the midpoint of 2020, indicating the sheer size of the market and the importance of communicating brand within eCommerce. Ultimately, every brand wants to have the incredible pull of an Amazon, and talent that can make that a reality is important. With that in mind, what can a fledgeling eCommerce business do to make sure they hire the right marketer?


Inclusivity is key

Be inclusive both in who you hire and how you hire. A study published by Taylor and Francis established that major companies across the globe who focused on inclusivity attracted better talent, and that talent was often more switched on and able to continue promoting that inclusive message. A modern eCommerce business is inclusive anyway, both of demographic factors such as race, sex and age, but also of accessibility requirements. Your brand should encourage open conversations with the talent it looks to hire. This is very much a symbiotic relationship – you will get out what you put in, with your own inclusive message attracting the type of marketers that will help your eCommerce business to grow its brand in an inclusive and ethical manner.


Talent attraction


A customer focus

Ecommerce is more customer-focused than even other sales industries. With your digital performance providing the entirety of your sales focus, it is crucial that you are tailored exactly to the requirements of your customer base to make an impact in what is a congested market. This is where your candidates should shine, according to Recruit in a manner that expresses just how important the customer focus is, and expect your candidates to have a proven track record of where they have identified, honed in, and delivered results on their branding efforts. Focusing on customers may seem obvious, but it’s something to really sit down and ponder the meaning of within the marketing industry.


Niche identification and development

Possibly the hardest quality to seek out on a general basis, niche identification and the development of branding methods within that market will help you to grow your brand from a good one to a great one. Again, the saturation of the eCommerce market means that you need to be able to locate with precision your customers – and find ways to keep ahead of the pack in serving them. A great marketer/brander will help you to do that by clearly identifying what makes customers tick, and being able to get “into their shoes” and focus on what they might look for in the future.


Together, these points are the ideal starting place for any branding consultant within your business. Recruiting someone with these qualities will put you in good stead to continue your positive recruitment, and to expand your brand further. In turn, this will help you to continue the cycle of acquiring great marketing talent and bring resilience to your business.


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Lucy Wyndham

Lucy Wyndham is a freelance writer and editor.

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