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Recruiting for the Hospitality Sector

By David Dou

As the weather starts warming up and we approach summer, the hospitality industry is once again gearing up for the seasonal boost in business with the next cycle of seasonal recruitment to meet the increase in demand.

In a recent survey carried out by HospitalityNet, it was discovered that written job adverts were used to fill 54% of all job vacancies with the majority of these job adverts posted onto job boards, social media, to recruitment agencies and onto corporate websites.

With so many applications and successful hires being generated via a job advert, companies need to ensure that all their adverts are extremely well written to attract the best talent. And with so many competitors hiring at the same time of year, your job adverts really will need to be well written and optimised to stand out from the crowd.

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The hospitality and service industry also suffers from one of the highest staff turnover rates among all industry sectors and staff walkouts are not un-common during the most stressful busy periods.

These occurrences impact the overall effectiveness of the team and negatively affect the business performance. In order to ensure that your team performs at their best throughout this summer, it’s important to hire for the right behaviours and also for cultural fit into the team.

Finding staff who are more likely to stay with the company starts by attracting the right people from your job adverts and so your well written job advert not only attracts more people, it can also attract more of the right people.

In another recent survey conducted amongst kitchen staff, only 18% said that the job matched their expectations of kitchen life. A well written job advert that is honest with an accurate description of the company culture and a humanised description of the role will attract more applicants and also establish and manage realistic expectations and minimise potential early departures.

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