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Recruiting with no Strong Brand Image

By David Dou, Marketing Executive at Smart Recruit Online

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are familiar with the challenge of recruiting and trying to attract candidates without a strong brand image. It is a well-known fact that these large companies with well recognised brands attract enough candidates alone to warrant HR departments and will never be short of willing candidates.

However, just because the largest known brands dominate the job market doesn’t mean SMEs should abandon their attempts at creating their own brand image. There are two ways SMEs can attract candidates:

Creating a positive candidate experience

Candidates now have much more power in the job market and company insights and information is easily available to them, thanks to websites like Glassdoor – a website which allows successful and unsuccessful candidates to review their experience of a company’s application process. By becoming associated with the quality of their recruitment process, the brand now extends past the company’s goods and services onto other aspects of operations such as recruitment.

Good reviews of the application process will help your company attract candidates for the future and either strengthen your brand image or help establish it. Conversely, negative reviews of your application process will damage your long term ability to attract talent.

To create a good candidate experience, make sure you follow these rules:

  • -Personalise all communications
  • -Respond in good time
  • -Respond to all successful and declined candidates
  • -Maintain a flexible interview schedule to accommodate both you and the candidate
  • -Provide quality information about the company and the role
  • -Humanise the applicant experience where you can

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