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Job advert writing and recruitment in the logistics sector
Why an ATS on its own won't help you recruit

Recruitment Technology is NOT the future

Quite simply, as Greg Savage put it in a recent article” the future of recruitment is where science meets art”. Where mechanical and technology solutions combine with highly sophisticated human cognitive influencing skills. You could actually stop reading at this point, if you didn’t want to know any more detail behind this, but that’s a […]

Recruiting blind or a vision of the future?

The Civil Service, the NHS, Universities and Large employers have agreed to introduce name-blind recruitment policies to prevent any racial bias. What is Blind recruitment? Simply put, job or UCAS applications will be reviewed based on skill set and experience and not tainted – as evidence suggests – by inclusion of “foreign” sounding or ethnic origin names. Research has highlighted that such names lead to […]

Does your recruitment process damage your company brand?

   •    You want quality candidates.    •    You want quality candidates who apply for your positions to be brand advocates.    •    You want quality candidates to remain brand advocates even when not engaged for the advertised role. Throughout the recruitment process your company brand authority has to be a priority; professional, […]

3 ways the Not for Profit organisations can overcome budget constraints within recruitment

Limited funds within the Not for Profit organisations can impact the recruitment process. A lack of budget to spend on advertising can reduce the quality and quantity of an organisations talent pool, putting pressure on HR to hire staff who may not have the right skills for the job. Here are 3 ways to maximise candidate selection […]