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Securitas are one of the biggest security providers in the UK, employing over 10,000 people. On a global scale, the company employs over 370,000 employees across 58 different countries, including North America, Europe, and Australia.

Smart Recruit Online (SRO) has worked with Securitas since late 2018. In the short time that we have worked together, we have had a huge impact on their recruitment process. We look back at their challenges, objectives, and outcomes in this case study:


What were the recruitment challenges you faced prior to working with SRO?

Securitas had a number of challenges with their recruitment processes prior to working with SRO. They had a very high applicant drop-off rate – from over 18,000 applications a year, only 6,000 completed the application process. This meant that the quantity and the quality of applications were not meeting demands internally, so jobs remained unfilled for long periods. The systems they had to support the recruitment process were also not working harmoniously. With no centralised recruitment solution, hiring managers were all using different recruitment methods, which didn’t suit the best needs of the business.


What were the main objectives that Securitas set out to achieve?

The objectives were:


What were Securitas’s thoughts on the consultation process with the SRO Team?

Sarah Hayes, Securitas’ Head of HR, told us in her feedback that we were “attentive, very knowledgeable, patient and understanding”. They were impressed that we took time to fully understand their requirements, stating “SRO delivered the system on the due date against the odds, responded quickly and effectively to our objectives, and implemented custom changes to the system to deliver our bespoke requirements. The combined launch of SRO, along with an update of the Securitas careers page, and an integration with our 3rd party screening provider all went very smoothly.”


How was the onboarding and training process?

Securitas have offices across the UK, with staff working different shift patterns, so the vast majority of the training was done via screen shares over a number of different sessions. This ensured that as many of the staff could be accommodated as possible. Those who were unable to join a screen share were able to watch the live recording.


How have Securitas found using the platform and tools?

Since using the SRO platform, Securitas has seen an increase in the number of good quality applicants, and they are finding it easier to get applicants through the screening process. The improved user and candidate experience has resulted in a huge reduction in candidate drop off.

They have found it very easy to manage candidate communications, as all of the forms, emails and SMS templates can be set up in advance. Sarah Hayes commented, “SRO have been very agile, and responded to customisation requests to evolve the system in line with our requests. The system makes recruitment much easier and is far less time consuming; more jobs are being filled in far less time!”


Results Securitas have achieved so far

Securitas is now attracting higher calibre applicants for all jobs. They recruit for more than 80 different job titles, and although the majority are for security roles, they also recruit head office positions i.e. Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, HSE, Operations, Customer Support, and Project Management.

Sarah told us: “Interestingly, the media network offered by SRO did not look significantly different from our previous supplier. Yet we are now attracting around 100-thousand applicants a year, the drop off rate has reduced significantly, and we are achieving close to a ten-fold increase in applications. SRO suggested this was possible, and naturally we were very sceptical, however, the reality has surpassed our expectations. Our recruitment process is far easier and simpler now, with faster times to hire and higher fill rates from first time advertising response. Simply put, we do not now struggle to find good quality candidates.”

Securitas recently won a contract to provide security for a major UK venue. They had a very short lead time (under 4 weeks) to get over 400 roles filled. By working together, we managed to achieve this a few days ahead of schedule, at an average cost of under £8 per hire.


Summarise your thoughts on working with the SRO Team

Sarah summarised by saying; “SRO’s expertise and ongoing support in developing process improvements, whilst delivering new and improved features has been commendable. They are very open to making changes and improvements to the system that benefit both parties – we are working together in a true partnership.”


Future plans/objectives for the future with SRO?

High on Securitas’s list is to improve the diversity of candidates, attracting more women and young people. They would like to change the preconception of working in the security industry, and hire more candidates with a strong focus on customer service. They also want to help their employees to build their careers at Securitas. Many of their Directors started as security guards or on the graduate scheme.


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