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It’s no secret the care sector has a high turnover rate — 128,000 new staff members need to be hired every year to meet increasing demand and replace those who leave or retire. Increased demand alone means a whopping 500,000 new employees need to be recruited this decade. That means the pressure is now on for recruiters to attract and win over the most qualified individuals.


Use a Multi-media approach

There are more than 500,000 job related searches performed that relate to the care sector every single month and most prospective candidates will start their job search in a search engine. However, the diversity of results means that posting your jobs to just one or two channels will significantly reduce the number of job advert views and subsequently applications. The major job boards such as Reed, CV-Library, Monster, Indeed and Totaljobs certainly dominate the search engine results and according to statistics provided by Smart Recruit Online, will provide the majority of online applications.


Social media 

Social media is one of the most useful recruitment tools in the modern age. Senior living providers should ensure they have a strong web presence and advertise vacancies on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (the latter is visited by 25 million job seekers each week).


Moreover, it’s useful to create an entirely separate careers pages for recruitment. Not only will this look more professional to families and seniors (they won’t have to see job ads when they check out your site), but you’ll also look more organised to job applicants as well. On the other hand, it’s also important to monitor company review sites for opinions posted by current and former employees. If an interviewee brings up a negative review in an interview, you want to be ready and able to address their concerns.


Help prevent elderly abuse

Abuse is taking place in 99% of care homes across the UK, the Independent reports. It’s commonly found homes with high levels of abuse also have high levels of staff burnout. Care Home staff are often under pressure without adequate support or training, which leads to various types of abuse. Financial abuse, in particular, is a huge problem for the elderly. Seniors are often vulnerable to theft and extortion, which is carried out by people close to them like caregivers.


Although pressure is on the government to solve the root causes of elder abuse, recruiters can also act to help keep care home residents safe. In particular, recruiters should look for staff with the right values to fill care roles. It’s also essential to check credentials and references and run background checks for all potential hires since elderly people are at such a high risk of abuse.


Promote the positive aspects of the job

It’s commonly thought working in the care industry is an emotionally and physically draining job with little relief. Recruiters should work to combat this myth by promoting the positive benefits of the job on social media channels.


In particular, you can play up the social aspects, such as outings and activities with the senior residents. Highlight the close relationships formed between elderly residents and their carers. Moreover, many people — particularly those in the Millennial generation — are now looking for jobs that allow them to make a positive difference in the world. So, recruiters should also highlight the positive impact carers make in the lives of the elderly.


It’s true that jobs in senior care aren’t for everyone; it takes a special kind of person.


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Lucy Wyndham

November 5, 2019

Lucy Wyndham is a freelance writer and editor.

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