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How to maximise your candidate’s experience – A candidates Perspective

Although in today’s recruitment space, buzz-terms like “Talent Shortage” and “The War for Talent” are all too flippantly chucked around. In truth; there might not be a talent shortage. Instead perhaps, this is just a result of the recruiting pendulum swinging; with candidates now in firm control of the process and in all honesty, this […]

Google’s latest guidelines for posting job postings revealed!

Job Postings You can improve the job seeking experience by adding job posting structured data to your job posting web pages. Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results. You can also integrate with Google by using a third party job site. For employers and […]

Why is my ATS NOT working as an effective Recruitment Tool!!!

If you operate in or around in house recruitment and have already acquired or you are looking to acquire or upgrade an ATS, HR System, CRM or recruitment management system, then you should find what I am about to share with you quite interesting and potentially eye opening. In fact, I hope that I can […]

Recruitment Technology is NOT the future

Quite simply, as Greg Savage put it in a recent article” the future of recruitment is where science meets art”. Where mechanical and technology solutions combine with highly sophisticated human cognitive influencing skills. You could actually stop reading at this point, if you didn’t want to know any more detail behind this, but that’s a […]

Using the Laws of Attraction in business

  I regularly go through a process of RE energising myself with some positive reading at the weekend, especially when looking for some inspirational material to include in my Monday morning meetings. This weekend I was reading up on a very well-known business and life theory that evolved from Quantum Physics and is a key […]

10 Ways to Maximise Your Online Recruitment Strategy

Smart Recruit Online are dedicated to maximising and optimising every aspect of the recruitment life cycle. We focus on each stage in the recruitment process from the perspectives of technology, deliverability, research & data and human engagement. The outcomes that we have achieved have been staggering. Adopting this approach has helped us maintain some of […]

Wording in Your Job Advert and Discrimination

If we only recruited people from a certain age range, race or gender, life would be pretty dull!! I once saw an advert that read:  the company is looking to recruit an individual with “at least seven years’ experience (preferably continuous)” Why is this discriminatory?  it is arguably discriminatory on grounds of age and, possibly, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Talent

There’s a talent shortage on a global scale Talent. One word that is synonymous with the recruitment industry. More specifically the attraction of talent into the recruitment industry and your business. This has to rank as one of the highest pain points amongst recruitment leaders in the UK. Yet this isn’t just a problem for […]

Adam Robinson on Best Hiring Practices

What are some of the most common hiring challenges you’re seeing? Tough competition. The fitness industry is highly competitive, with scores of different brands and types of fitness concepts all vying for the same talent, which makes it challenging when it comes to staffing locations. When our fitness customers are struggling to hire and are […]

An Idiot’s Guide To The Apprenticeship Levy

The background Since 2007 and the start of the last major recession, the government has seen significant increases in unemployment within the ‘out of education’ demographic. These are people leaving school, college and University and they have been continually looking at ways to address this issue. Unlike other unemployed categories, this demographic presents both a […]