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Improving Recruitment Strategies With AI in 2020

Written by Jillian Craig for In a job market that’s mostly candidate-driven, job adverts and traditional recruiting tactics just aren’t going to cut it. In fact, according to recruiting researchers from The Ladders, potential candidates only read job ads for around 50 to 75 seconds, depending on how much one matches their current skillset and […]


5 Signs That You Are Interviewing a Bad Candidate

By Mark Stephens When interviewing applicants it can sometimes be easy to get carried away and miss the warning signs, especially if you actually like the individual sitting in front of you. However, recruiting the right people means ruthlessly discarding those that don’t meet the minimum standards. Here are 5 critical items to look out […]


10 Ways To Improve Employee Motivation

By Diana Nadim Adjadj Motivating your employees is essential for improving engagement and productivity. If your workers are not motivated enough, everything will fail. Here are ten ways you can motivate your employees and inspire them to do great deeds. 1. Set Small Goals Instead of trying to achieve something huge, start out small and take […]


5 Best Practices For Candidate Vetting in 2019

By Rick Witherspoon. Recruiters are getting smarter about how they filter out applicants during the hiring process. Scary stats like the cost of making the wrong hire motivate in-house recruiters to be more careful about whom they extend job offers. The cost of hiring the wrong fit can be up to 2.5x the salary – […]


Simple Tips For Successful Senior Care Recruitment

By Lucy Wyndham. It’s no secret the care sector has a high turnover rate — 128,000 new staff members need to be hired every year to meet increasing demand and replace those who leave or retire. Increased demand alone means a whopping 500,000 new employees need to be recruited this decade. That means the pressure is now on for […]


Ways HR Can Improve Workplace Creativity

Article by Chandler C. Creativity in the workplace is often considered to be a key element in driving the growth of a business. There are many reasons why creativity could be stifled in an office work environment. There are ways to improve ingenuity and inspiration that should always exist when working in a corporate environment […]


Upcoming SRO Events For 2019

Smart Recruit Online has a fully booked events calendar for the rest of 2019! If you are attending any of the events let us know, we’d love to see you there. If you havent yet got your tickets then see below for links to free registration for every event. Festival of Enterprise – 23rd – 24th […]


Is this the most highly endorsed recruitment service in the UK?

Article by Mark Stephens. Having successfully completed more than 500 customer feedback surveys in the last 5 years, we can now confirm that 98% of all Smart Recruit Online (SRO) customers gave the maximum 5 out of 5 ratings against their onboarding and customer support services. 94% of all SRO users gave a 5 out […]


Is the traditional CV now dead?

By Mark Stephens. An article that I read this morning encouraged me to share a few thoughts and insights on this topic. Increases in attrition levels and longer bedding in periods before new hires become productive are becoming more commonplace, and can often be traced back to poor or inadequate recruitment practices. The limitations of […]


The Power of Hypnotherapy

By Amanda Coles. Hello! My name is Amanda Coles and I spent over 20 years working in Corporate HR before retraining as an NLP Hypnotherapist and Life/Business Coach. But I have a confession to make, and it took me years to confront it. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s I suffered with anxiety, stress and panic […]