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Eight Out of Ten UK Manufacturers Affected by Worker Shortages

Extracts from an article originally published in The Recruiting times Post-Brexit, the UK Government is looking to reduce immigration from the EU by as much as 80% and around the same percentage of manufacturers are already reporting a shortage in labour. With an ageing population and high employment meaning competition for talent is high. UK […]

The Modern Recruiter and the Future Recruitment Landscape

By Mark Stephens, CEO and Founder at Smart Recruit Online If you haven’t already seen the interview between Alan Walker and Bill Boorman doing the rounds at the moment, then here it is, sponsored by one of our own integrated partners ClickIQ. Bill talks rationally about a topic that is close to my heart and […]

Great Questions to ask the Candidate at Interview

By David Dou, Marketing Executive at Smart Recruit Online Your recruitment campaign has been successful and you’ve gained a huge pool of applicants, from whom you’ve selected the few that will go on to the face to face interview stage. Now the task is to find the best candidate from your selected shortlist. The ideal […]

The Fastest Growing Industries in 2018

By Augusta Henning at CV-Library & Mark Stephens at Smart Recruit Online 2018 has certainly been a tumultuous year for the economy, with continued uncertainty around Brexit and a sweltering hot summer. As such, we’ve seen little movement in the labour market, with many candidates feeling nervous about changing jobs. At the same time, employers […]

New Survey Results: Measuring the Impact Of Brexit On UK Businesses

Extracted from an article originally published by Andrew MacAskill and supporting commentary by Mark Stephens, CEO at Smart Recruit Online. There is a lot talk and speculation around the impact of Brexit on UK business and recruitment at the moment and many ‘what if’ scenarios being discussed that highlight the current economic uncertainty. So I […]

Here’s What Happens If You Neglect Employee Development

By Annie Button Employees are the biggest asset you have in your organisation. So why is it that when businesses are trying to balance the books, employee development is often the first area to suffers cuts and a lack of investment? Unfortunately, it’s a problem of perception in many businesses. The real question shouldn’t be […]

8 Fixes to stop Losing the best Candidates to your Slow Hiring Process

By Dr. John Sullivan The Top Causes of Unnecessarily Slow Hiring Whenever you are focusing on hiring high-demand top performers and innovators in a highly competitive market, there may literally be no factor that damages your recruiting results more than slow hiring. Intuitively, most organizations and individuals think that taking your time to gather information to […]

Why December is the Best Time to Hire

From December may seem like the month where all recruitment activity slows down for both Recruiters and candidates, as both parties start winding down their activities in preparation for the New Year. However, December could actually be the best time to recruit for several reasons: Solid January Foundations A lot of time and resources […]

Cut Down Your Time-to-Hire With These Strategies

By Ray O’Donnell Recruiters and HR professionals work hard to find and attract the best talent to their organisations. And it’s certainly not an easy task given that countless organisations fight for the same talent pool. So it’s not surprising that the main priority for 83% of recruiters is to find and attract top talent. […]

How the Office Environment Affects Your Recruitment and Staff Retention

By Shane O’Hare A recent survey carried out on 1000 offices by Saracen Interiors has revealed how important a modern or comfortable office environment has on their recruitment and staff retention levels. The study shows 41% of office workers say a modern office is a key factor when deciding to accept or reject a job […]