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NHS Staff Vacancies Push Up Costs

By Annabelle Collins • NHS staff vacancies rise by almost 10% since last quarter • Nursing vacancies exceed 40,000 • NHS staff vacancies rise by almost 10% since last quarter • Providers overspend by £42m on staff pay bill due to “intense” pressure on an acute sector The number of vacant posts in NHS trusts has […]

Can I prevent an employee from joining a competitor business?

By HR 24 Post-termination obligations or restrictive covenants, within a contract of employment whereby the employee agrees not to do certain things after they leave the company are typical of employers with wide competition. They are usually difficult to enforce unless it can be proved to be reasonable and written to genuinely protect legitimate business […]

Top tips for creating a more positive workplace culture

By Lisa Cresford Employees spend the majority of their life at work, seeing colleagues and managers more than loved ones. Therefore, it is essential that employers have a positive workplace culture, moving away from the out-dated attitude towards work. Yes, work is completed on time, but often by unhappy employees who have one eye on the […]

Will Employee Engagement Save the Hospitality Industry From Brexit?

By Annie Button Businesses in the hospitality sector have every right to be worried. At least a quarter of the 3 million people working in the hospitality industry are EU nationals, according to a report by KPMG. The sector is a labour-intensive contributor to the British economy and many hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes across […]

Five Questions Not to Ask a Candidate in an Interview

There have been many cases of people claiming discrimination before they are even employed, and in some cases, there have even been instances where applicants apply and interview for positions with the sole intention of making a claim. For example, in 2008 an accountant applied at 22 firms offering graduate positions, and upon being rejected she […]

How to increase the quality of applicants on Indeed

PROVIDED BY OUR PARTERS AT CLICKIQ A prospective client was recently bemoaning the quality of their applicants on Indeed, which was apparently very poor. Given Indeed are easily the largest Job board in the UK, and the world for that matter (according to similarweb), that was a little surprising. As it seems unlikely they exclusively […]

What is Classed as an Automatic Unfair Dismissal?

When considering a claim for unfair dismissal, the Employment Tribunal will follow a certain legal protocol decide whether there will be a full hearing to decide on your case, such as determining how long an employee has been working for an organisation. As a general rule, employees cannot make a claim for unfair dismissal until […]

Recruiting with no Strong Brand Image

By David Dou, Marketing Executive at Smart Recruit Online Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are familiar with the challenge of recruiting and trying to attract candidates without a strong brand image. It is a well-known fact that these large companies with well recognised brands attract enough candidates alone to warrant HR departments and will […]

Why and How Should Recruiters Work to Enhance Candidate Experience?

By Kelly Barcelos When you’re trying to attract top talent instead of losing it to your competition, candidate experience can make all the difference. Here are the two main reasons why you should focus on this aspect of recruitment:   People Share Experiences – The use of social networking sites for job searches is common, […]

TED Talks: Managing stress and increasing productivity

    Most recruiters are more than familiar with our old ‘friend’ stress – particularly when the pressure is on to deliver against a deadline or the hiring manager is jumping up and down. Kelly McGonigal  is a health psychologist who encourages us to ‘own times of stress by thinking of them as helpful to our productivity […]