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The Definitive Guide to Writing Job Adverts

One of the most common challenges facing anyone looking to recruit staff is writing job adverts. Not the job specification, but the advert for the opportunity. We recently reviewed more than 200 job adverts for a variety of mainstream and niche roles across various industry sectors picking 3 leading job boards and selecting the top […]

How to Use Video Interview Tools More Effectively

It sounds fairly obvious, but video interview tools only work if you can get the applicants to complete the task. For me personally, one of the biggest advantages of using video interview tools, is to open up the opportunity to a wider range of applicants. Without it, the temptation is to single out a much smaller […]

The Most Common Mistakes When Using Video Interview Tools

With the ever growing popularity of video interview forming an important phase in many companies recruitment processes, you may find this list of the most common mistakes people are making – and that you might want to avoid – interesting. Firstly: It is not a video interview I would say that 90 times out of […]

4 Essential Steps To Hiring Smarter And Faster

Step one: write better advertising copy. Step two: use a multi posting service. Step three: buy advertising more intelligently. Step four: let technology do the hard work. At Smart Recruit Online we have been researching and studying the art and craft of recruiting smarter and faster for over seven years. We take a scientific approach […]

Interview Questions All Employers Should Ask

It’s just another day at the office in any recruiter’s life and you are half way through the recruiting cycle. You have your job advertised, and have narrowed down your candidate list to 7 possible hires; they all look like they would fit your company’s profile and you have set the interview date for each […]

Forbes: The 5 Biggest Recruitment Mistakes That Drive Talent Away

In my MSN news feed today, was an article by Liz Ryan, a respected journalist working for Forbes, outlining five common recruitment practices that drive talent away. It’s a good article and well worth a read, if you recruit staff and want a sharp reminder of the biggest recruitment mistakes and what you should and […]

7 steps to improving your hiring metrics

The HR & Recruitment buzz topic at the moment certainly seems to be around measuring hiring metrics in order to establish what does and doesn’t work and what needs improving. We ourselves are involved in several events, live hangouts and discussions on the topic. It sounds fairly obvious, but understanding what you should be measuring […]

How to Manage Hundreds of Applications Effectively and Efficiently

Choosing the right Recruitment Solution and adopting the best process to help you with Talent Attraction is very important, because when you finally get it right it can result in very high numbers of applications. This presents a number of challenges to the Recruiter, not least from an administration and time management perspective, but can […]

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Your Recruitment Immediately

Extensive research proves that more than 95% of all recruitment campaigns waste valuable time and money. Ineffective candidate attraction and poor campaign management, results in wasted time and duplication of effort. Extended, ineffective recruitment campaigns that impact both direct and indirect recruitment costs are more common place than you think and can often be quickly […]

Online recruitment just got a whole lot easier

The award winning online recruitment service from Smart Recruit Online is changing the way that business recruits new staff forever. It’s simple to use and its beautifully designed user interface is complemented with the very latest state of the art software technology to deliver results that are leaving the competition bemused. Having maintained an impressive […]