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CV-Library boss reveals why recruiters should work closely with Marketing

By Sophie Parrott Getting a job advert right is crucial. Ads that provide candidates with the appropriate information to inform their decision will be deemed more attractive and are more likely to boast higher response rates. However, Citizens Advice research has shown that historically jobseekers aren’t given the right information from the get-go. Stats have […]

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Job Applicants and Advertising Annual Trends

Research into annual recruitment activity and numbers of job applicants, carried out by WaveTrackR has shown a cyclical annual trend of peaks and dips in recruiting activity. Following this trend and anticipating the busy periods can allow recruiters to maximise their results. Also getting ahead of these peak periods and starting your recruitment earlier, can […]

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Job Competition Falls to Record Low

By Sophie Parrott, Recruitment Grapevine The latest UK Job Market Report from Adzuna has found that record-low job competition has pushed advertised salaries to a seven-year peak. February 2019 saw just 0.26 job seekers per vacancy, falling from a ratio of 0.30 in January and 0.43 a year ago. The research indicated that there is […]

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The Impact of Brexit on the Recruitment Industry

By Bridgette Hernandez The UK was scheduled to leave the EU on March 29th. Having come and gone, there is certainly still upheaval, as the eventual outcome looms ever closer. Prime Minister May can’t get her deal through Parliament. And at this point, the EU has provided a short extension for her to continue to […]

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6 Critical Fundamentals of Recruitment Marketing

By Emily Bartels Recruitment marketing is the implementations that are used to help find those what you want to recruit in your field for a new position. It’s a funnel activity in a sense, beginning with awareness, interest, the search, the application, the eval, and then hiring. But, what are some fundamental aspects of it? […]

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How to Reduce Staff Turnover

By Jake Holyoak, Hiring new members of staff can be an expensive task. Not only is it time consuming to undergo the recruitment process, but when you bring a new colleague into your business, they need extensive training to make sure they can be the biggest asset possible. However, a lot of companies completely overlook […]

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Smart Recruit Online: Simplifying Recruitment with Intuitive HR Solutions

Smart Recruit Online is proud to have been featured in Business APAC’s HR Tech magazine. See the article below Having the right blend of technical capability and enhanced processes is considered by prospective employees as a direct reflection of the professionalism within the business. Executing a combination of advanced technology and the appropriate human delivery […]

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Social Care Recruitment Concerns

Originally Published by TFN News The Scottish Government has warned Brexit will make recruitment issues within health and social care worse Recruitment for Scotland’s health and social care sector will suffer as a result of Brexit. Scottish Government Migration Minister Ben Macpherson made the stark warning that shortages of skilled workers in sectors such as […]

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How to increase engagement in HR technology

Article originally published by Gareth Jones for LinkedIn post “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein In case you missed it, Josh Bersin published a piece last week entitled “The Employee Experience Platform: A New Category Arrives.” An interesting read, not least […]

Lets Talk About the Ego

Not an obvious connection with our usual recruitment articles, but engaging and interesting none the less. Enjoy: Originally published by Kiera Tsenti for her blog In my usual habit of keeping things light, I’d like to talk about the something which is present in every single one of us. A complex beast, often mentioned and […]