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Does your recruitment process damage your company brand?

   •    You want quality candidates.    •    You want quality candidates who apply for your positions to be brand advocates.    •    You want quality candidates to remain brand advocates even when not engaged for the advertised role. Throughout the recruitment process your company brand authority has to be a priority; professional, […]

3 ways the Not for Profit organisations can overcome budget constraints within recruitment

Limited funds within the Not for Profit organisations can impact the recruitment process. A lack of budget to spend on advertising can reduce the quality and quantity of an organisations talent pool, putting pressure on HR to hire staff who may not have the right skills for the job. Here are 3 ways to maximise candidate selection […]

How To Hire Graduates Into Your Organisation

Hiring graduates into your organisation, straight from education or who are at the start of their careers is challenging. Graduates or college leavers in particular are presented with major challenges, not only in finding the right role, but also deciding on the industry sector that they want to get into. Companies in sectors such as hospitality, […]

How Effective Is Your Current Recruitment Strategy?

Employees are the biggest asset of your business – Are YOU attracting the best talent for your business? Find out now how effective your recruitment strategy is! This Quiz will focus on The 5 Key Areas of an Effective Recruitment Strategy! 1. Talent attraction and advertising strategy  2. Advertising copy  3. Application process  4. Screening and assessment  5. Creating a positive recruitment […]

How to Attract Top Talent to your Not For Profit Organisation

A career within a Not for Profit organisation offers job satisfaction, fulfilment and the opportunity to give something back to the community it supports. One thing it doesn’t offer is a commercial sector salary, therefore it’s vital to demonstrate the additional vocational benefits of working within a Not for Profit organisation when running a recruitment […]

Recruitment Campaign Checklist

If your application numbers are dwindling and you can’t work out why, use this checklist before you run your next recruitment campaign.  It’s no longer an employer’s market and the application process needs to be clear, positive and simple.  If you want to attract the passive candidate that may not be actively looking, but just “seeing what’s […]

The Impact of Recruitment Technology on the Interview Process

A recruitment strategy will traditionally consist of a combination of face to face and verbal touch points throughout the process.  The impact of recruitment technology on this process is enabling HR and recruiting teams to streamline their activities and operate more efficiently.  We have outlined three key areas where new recruitment technology can have a […]