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How to Attract Top Talent to your Not For Profit Organisation

A career within a Not for Profit organisation offers job satisfaction, fulfilment and the opportunity to give something back to the community it supports. One thing it doesn’t offer is a commercial sector salary, therefore it’s vital to demonstrate the additional vocational benefits of working within a Not for Profit organisation when running a recruitment […]

Recruitment Campaign Checklist

If your application numbers are dwindling and you can’t work out why, use this checklist before you run your next recruitment campaign.  It’s no longer an employer’s market and the application process needs to be clear, positive and simple.  If you want to attract the passive candidate that may not be actively looking, but just “seeing what’s […]

The Impact of Recruitment Technology on the Interview Process

A recruitment strategy will traditionally consist of a combination of face to face and verbal touch points throughout the process.  The impact of recruitment technology on this process is enabling HR and recruiting teams to streamline their activities and operate more efficiently.  We have outlined three key areas where new recruitment technology can have a […]

Streamline Your Direct Hire Strategy with the UK’s Leading Online Recruitment Platform

Streamline your direct hire strategy by using a cloud based online recruitment platform designed to reduce the time and cost associated with recruitment. Select the right advertising channels to attract suitable candidates and create compelling job adverts to increase the number of applications you receive. Manage your applications and protect your employer brand by effectively […]

Are you interviewing? Here are some tips

Interviewing can be extremely time consuming and expensive. It is therefore important that you get the best out of each interview that takes place.  Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you stay focused during an interview. First things first, make sure you have reviewed the candidates’ CV before they come in. It […]

What Does The Current Online Recruitment Landscape Look Like?

This may be fairly basic knowledge for some people operating within the online recruitment space, but it is essential for anyone looking to master their online recruiting strategy to understand who the operators are, the tools available and what the primary online recruiting channels are. The Operators There are many recruiters operating within the recruitment […]