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8 Things To Do Before You Advertise your New Job

It may fill you with excitement or even trepidation, the mere thought of recruiting a new member of staff. Regular recruiters will tell you that there is something very satisfying in running a successful recruitment campaign, but most will share with you far more horror stories about how it can go wrong. It is not […]

76% of HR & Recruitment platforms don’t work, according to new survey

A very popular article that appeared in HR Grapevine recently revealed the results of a detailed survey of more than 200 company representatives, where their employers had invested into an HR IT System. It discovered that only 6% believed that their current HR platforms had actually improved productivity, with most participants claiming that their companies HR platforms were complex, […]

Free Recruitment Software Product Tour

Are you looking to attract top talent? But you don’t want to pay expensive agency fees? And you don’t want to spend hours searching and sifting through CVs either? Then register for the Smart Recruit Online product demonstration tour and find out how you could: •     Advertise your job across multiple job boards at the […]

How not to do recruitment

Start a conversation with someone who is looking for work, and it doesn’t take long to reach the conclusion that there is something wrong with the way that we traditionally recruit. Over on my blog I’ve written often on the candidate experience, including my own when I was looking for work last year. Recruiting is a difficult job; […]

Can you get more from managing your ‘talented’ people?

Research suggests more than half of employers deploy talent management in their organizations. Furthermore, talent management programmes include a range of activities such as formal and informal leadership coaching, networking events and board-level and client exposure. By the language used in the industry you can easily be swayed to believe that talent management is only […]

8 free tools to improve the way you recruit

1.       Boolean Generator This is one that Social Talent created themselves which gives you the power of using Boolean without the confusion of creating your own long strings. You register (for free) and you work through the steps of choosing the job titles and the skills you want, then adding some synonyms to those keywords, and […]