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Q. I Can’t Give A Good Reference — But How Do I Say No?

Mark Stephens answers more of your HR and Recruitment questions in our weekly ‘Ask the Expert’ series. This week, he explains how you can say no to giving a reference.  Hi Mark, I’m in an awkward situation. An old colleague of mine has got in touch asking if I will be a reference for them […]

Top Tactics for Improved Staff Retention

You probably already know that the most expensive aspect of recruitment is the replacement of lost talent that leaves the business for preventable reasons. When a good person leaves we lose knowledge, it disrupts the harmony of the team, impacts negatively on production levels and incurs the replacement costs, that continue until the new individual […]

Q. How Can I Improve Efficiency During the Recruitment Process?

Ask the Expert is a new weekly series where Mark Stephens, recruitment entrepreneur, answers your HR and Recruiting questions. This week Mark answers Jamie’s question on improving recruitment efficiency. ~~~~~~~ Hi Mark, This time of the year is always very busy for me from a recruiting perspective as well as a business point of view. […]

Louis Welcomme Explains The Biggest Changes in Recruitment

This interview originally featured on The Resource Library. Smart Recruit Online CEO Mark Stephens sat down with Louis Welcomme and discuss changes in recruitment.. Louis is Scrum Master for Colleague Software. *** Mark Stephens: How long have you been involved in HR/Recruitment? Louis Welcomme: Five years. MS: What are your main areas of expertise LW: Inbound […]

Q. Is The Recruitment Market Landscape Fragmented?

Recruitment expert Mark Stephens answers more of your questions in our new series, Ask the Expert. Hi Mark, I recently visited a company for a HR interview and the interviewer asked me whether I thought the recruitment market place was fragmented? I’m not really sure what she means? Kind regards, Rachel, HR Assistant ~~~~~~ Hi […]

What are the biggest HR challenges? Exclusive interview with Stuart Falconer

This interview originally featured on The Resource Library. Mark Stephens, CEO of Smart Recruit Online, sits down with HR expert Stuart Falconer to discuss HR challenges. Stuart Falconer is an expert contributor on the Resource Library who frequently writes content about popular HR topics. Mark Stephens: How long have you been involved in HR/Recruitment? Stuart […]

3 Great Articles on Recruitment Video Interviews

Industry expert and serial recruitment technology entrepreneur Mark Stephens has been involved in video interviews and video profiling technology for the last 7 years. He believes emphatically, that video interviews will become a permanent and essential fixture in the selection of customer facing staff and has fully adopted video for the recruitment of staff at his […]

Q. How Can I Get More Applicants To Complete Video Interviews?

Hi Mark, I am currently recruiting for a Regional Sales Manager and have decided to implement video profiling interviews to my recruiting process. The last time I used this technology many of the candidates refused to complete it. I understand the benefits and think video is a great idea  – especially for a sales role. […]

Essential Tips to Turn Video Interview Into Your Most Powerful Selection Tool

Significant improvements in the quality and reliability of video interviews have seen a massive uptake in the use of video interviews and profiling. Also the challenges presented by multiple devices, platforms and camera technology appear to have been mostly overcome to make this a reliable and essential addition to the screening and selection of candidates […]

The Definitive Guide to Writing Job Adverts

One of the most common challenges facing anyone looking to recruit staff is writing job adverts. Not the job specification, but the advert for the opportunity. We recently reviewed more than 200 job adverts for a variety of mainstream and niche roles across various industry sectors picking 3 leading job boards and selecting the top […]