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An Idiot’s Guide To The Apprenticeship Levy

The background Since 2007 and the start of the last major recession, the government has seen significant increases in unemployment within the ‘out of education’ demographic. These are people leaving school, college and University and they have been continually looking at ways to address this issue. Unlike other unemployed categories, this demographic presents both a […]

Avoiding ‘Bad Hires’

The Challenge Smart Recruit Online is the UK’s leading online talent attraction, campaign management and candidate selection service wanted to help their clients to assess their shortlisted candidates based on behavioral and cultural alignment, in order to help make better and more balanced hiring decisions.  ‘Bad hires’, and more specifically those people that leave a job […]

Which job board is the best out there?

We wanted to provide you with some useful insights into the UK’s leading online advertising channels, that was generated from our latest research and data analysis. You must have noticed that job board advertising across TV, radio, press and almost everywhere you look is at an all-time high right now, with many of the boards […]

A Review of Linkedin’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report

MS: We love a bit of research and data at Smart Recruit Online, because in the recruitment industry there are so many nuances and variants in the way that we work, the processes that we follow and the objectives we each have, it is sometimes difficult to determine what is the best tried and tested […]

8 Signs That Your Recruitment Strategy Isn’t Working

Many of us suspect that we could be doing a better job at recruiting the next phase of talent for the company. But here are the eight biggest signs that your current Recruitment Strategy probably isn’t working that well: 1. You struggle to fill roles 2. You do not attract enough good quality applicants to all […]

8 Reasons Your Current Recruitment Strategy Isn’t Working

1. Your adverts suck! When assessed against the key essential criteria that determines whether a job advert is likely to succeed 9/10 job adverts fail miserably. Most adverts read like a job specification and fail to follow a structure, style or tone that works and do not place anywhere near enough emphasis on what the […]

The Ultimate Challenge for Any In-house Recruitment Strategy

Over the last 10 years I have reviewed hundreds of different recruitment technology solutions and continue to do so. I have seen unique and innovative tools that solve specific problems and I have reviewed many complete end to end systems that attempt to provide a complete solution. What I am yet to experience though,  is […]

Join Us For This Year’s In House Recruitment Expo

If you are involved in recruitment or recruitment strategy for your organisation, then the In House Recruitment Expo is designed specifically for you. This is a must attend FREE event where you can meet with the leading industry suppliers. Discover, compare and contrast products and services, new and existing, as well as get the chance […]

Q. I Can’t Give A Good Reference — But How Do I Say No?

Mark Stephens answers more of your HR and Recruitment questions in our weekly ‘Ask the Expert’ series. This week, he explains how you can say no to giving a reference.  Hi Mark, I’m in an awkward situation. An old colleague of mine has got in touch asking if I will be a reference for them […]

Top Tactics for Improved Staff Retention

You probably already know that the most expensive aspect of recruitment is the replacement of lost talent that leaves the business for preventable reasons. When a good person leaves we lose knowledge, it disrupts the harmony of the team, impacts negatively on production levels and incurs the replacement costs, that continue until the new individual […]