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7 Ways to Perfect Your Candidate Journey

Use Social Hire’s methods of streamlining your recruitment process, to provide a positive candidate journey that can significantly improve your candidate retention.   Find out more about improving your candidate retention on our free eBook “Proven Techniques to Improving Your Candidate Experience“. Download your copy here. Related articles: 8 Fixes to stop Losing the best Candidates […]

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Six Reasons Why Having an Athlete as Part of Your Team is a Winning Strategy

Extract from an article originally produced for ACT (Athlete Career Transition) When we see athletes perform at the highest level, their determination, focus and drive; it’s astonishing to think of the work that’s gone into getting them to that moment. The discipline, commitment, aggression, competitiveness, time management among so many other winning traits. Mastering all […]

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Want a more productive team? Then invest in culture

By Annie Button Do you think that your Monday morning motivational speech is just what your team needs to smash their productivity targets? You may be adept at delivering inspirational messages, but if the rest of your business culture isn’t so positive, you may be wasting your breath. If you are puzzling over the productivity […]

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What Are the Hardest Jobs to Fill?

By Mark Stephens As unemployment remained at its lowest levels since records began throughout 2018, many businesses recruiting staff felt the impact in the form of reduced applications and fewer ‘quality’ applicants. However, you may be surprised by the type of roles that struggled most last year and thanks to data provided by Indeed, we […]

Is HR Software a Cyber Security Concern?

By Annie Button HR data security has never been more important. With companies now having to comply with stricter GDPR rules, and facing large penalties if they fail to do so, this is something that every organisation needs to take seriously. The fact is that cyber criminals and hackers have a great interest in valuable […]

IHRE 2019 recruitment event

Get Ready for the In House Recruitment Expo 2019!

It’s nearly time for the 5th In House Recruitment Expo! For two days on 26th and 27th February we’ll be bringing our unique blend of learning, conversation, networking and technology to Olympia for the fifth time. It’s the event where everyone involved in the attraction, hiring and retention of talent comes together to share experiences, […]

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How To Attract Talent to a Small Company

By Rick Riddle Based upon an article originally published by Social Hire Attracting talent to a small company can be a great challenge. First, you face fierce competition from the big companies that have more attractive wages and opportunities. Then you have the competition from other small companies. This proves that having a clear strategy […]

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How to Find the Best Talent for Your Business

By Dominic Monkhouse Originally written for Dom’s own blog this article explores some interesting ideas that are very relevant when recruiting for those senior, difficult, niche, rare positions where attracting the best quality is paramount. There’s a reason ‘Talent’ is first on my 10 Point Plan For Scaling Your Business. It’s critical. Nothing is more important […]

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4 Fundamental Recruiting Ideas For 2019

By David Dou, Marketing Executive, Smart Recruit Online The new year brings Recruiters new challenges caused by a variety of factors. Brexit remains the big issue, expected to create a shortfall in the workforce caused by reduced EU immigration and political and economic uncertainty hitting confidence levels. Demographics in the recruiting landscape are also expected […]

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The Evolution of the Recruitment Sector

By Mark Stephens The recruitment landscape is changing like never before and at a significant rate, with lots of new emerging technology and tools, a growing number of rare skills, demanding customers with varying objectives and significant changes to the way that candidates behave within the process. There is a lot of evidence to suggest […]