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Guide to a 60 Day Onboarding Plan for Recruits

By Stella Lincoln Want more informative recruitment articles? Join our mailing list! Onboarding is the process of associating a new employee with their responsibilities, standard operating procedures, staff, facilities, and so much more. After completing the onboarding period, the new employee is a productive member of the organization. Once the onboarding period is complete, the […]

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Recruiting College Graduates – a useful infographic

TollFreeForwarding and Search Laboratory share with us this extremely useful infographic for companies hoping to recruit graduates. Make sure your job adverts are written to a high standard, take advantage of free social media channels for communications and offer genuine development prospects in your company to effectively attract Generation Z’s graduates.     Found this […]

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Graduate recruitment in 2019

By and TollFreeForwarding share their key statistics for attracting new graduates. While the findings are based on research in the US, they are still highly relevant for recruiters in the UK, as they deal with the same age group who have similar expectations of standards in the candidate journey. As graduation season gets […]

WaveTrackR report

WaveTrackR’s Q1 2019 report on job advert writing statistics for recruitment

WaveTrackR has carried out extensive research into how to the optimum structure for job adverts that will attract the highest number of applicants. There are many factors that can affect how well a job advert does, such as the title, the description and keywords that are used to advertise the role. Job advert title length […]

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How to Create a Great Candidate Experience

Want more articles on recruitment? Join our mailing list By Bethan Port From the moment that candidates apply to your roles, you should be thinking about how to make their experience a positive one. Whether you hire them or not, chances are they’ll talk about their interactions with your company to other people. Unfortunately, people […]

Recruitenomics - how to improve your recruitment strategy

Recruitenomics – Redefining Recruitment Strategy

By Mark Stephens We are constantly asked by customers, competitors and recruiters to explain what it is that we are doing differently to other fixed price recruiters, ATS and recruitment management solution providers, to generate consistently outstanding results with our recruitment strategy. Results which have now set the benchmark for the rest of the online […]

Q1 2019 Recruitment Statistics – from WaveTrackR

By David Dou At Smart Recruit Online, we aim to stay up to date in all developments of the recruitment sector, and that includes trends and statistics. One of the articles that gave us great insight to trends in recruitment was WaveTrackRs’ quarter 1 report. WaveTrackr’s report has shown an increase in overall recruitment activity […]

7 Best Practices for a Better Candidate Screening Process

By Chris Murdock We’re currently in a candidate driven market and recruiting the right candidates can be tricky. With the help of developing technologies like AI, automation and mobile apps, candidates can apply to multiple positions at many different organizations in no time at all. So, why is this tricky? With candidates applying to more […]

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4 Reasons Businesses Should Leverage Net Promoter Score

By Bhavika Sharma Are you running an e-commerce store? And no matter how hard you work, your business doesn’t seem to grow? You may see that you have a high rate of customer churn, but you don’t know why. You may be frustrated as you watch your business drop each month. If things don’t change, […]

Exhibiting at Health Plus Care 2019

After a busy May with two hugely successful events, Smart Recruit Online are now looking ahead to our next event – the Health Plus Care show taking place on the 26th-27th of June. Entry is free and anyone working in the healthcare industry are welcome to attend. This is the definitive event for the health […]