SRO team up with peoplevalue to give small businesses FREE ACCESS to EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

We are delighted to announce that we are working with peoplevalue, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits companies, to give small businesses free access to their benefits solution myworkperks.

The coronavirus pandemic has emphasised just how important it is for businesses to look after their employees. Small businesses, who usually have less money and resources to support their employees in normal circumstances, are now also having to fight to survive in this new world that we’re living in. This means it’s even more difficult for them to provide the benefits and support their employees deserve.

To offer a helping hand in this challenging time, we’ve teamed up with peoplevalue to give small businesses free-for-life access to myworkperks, peoplevalue’s employee benefits solution.


Wellness and Mental Health


What is myworkperks?

myworkperks was designed by peoplevalue to make employee benefits accessible and affordable for small businesses. Businesses sign up via the myworkperks website. From there they can set up their very own benefits platform. This usually starts at a cost of £5 per employee, per month.

Benefits include shopping discounts, discounted cinema tickets and competitions. You will also have access to an internal recognition tool as well as a suite of wellbeing features. These range from a debt management service to online fitness classes.


Supporting small businesses

In this challenging time, it’s even more valuable for small businesses to be able to provide benefits and support that make their employees’ lives that bit easier. We’re delighted to be able to offer our small business contacts free access to myworkperks. You will need to enter the following promotional code SR2020 to register for free. Through the platform, their employees will be able to save money on their essential shopping at the supermarket, as well as a fantastic range of other benefits and wellbeing features.

To find out more about myworkperks, visit

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7 Wellbeing in the Workplace Initiatives You Can Start Today
Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

A growing number of businesses are incorporating workplace health and wellbeing programs for their staff. Business benefits for organizations keeping their workers healthy and happy are tremendous.

It is now recognized that wellbeing initiatives lead to a significant increase in your team’s productivity and engagement. Working in the best interest of everyone in your company contributes to building a strong and successful organization.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.


1. Personal and Professional Development

Most employees feel the need to progress and develop their skills further. There are multiple ways to ensure your staff is learning new stuff and growing.

A personal development library is a simple and affordable way to help your team achieve their goals.

To take it up a notch, you can create an individual development plan for every single employee. It helps in better understanding strengths and weaknesses as well as the professional needs and aspirations of every worker.

Consider including personal and professional development training for your staff. Lunch-and-learn emotional intelligence or time management courses can help your team reduce stress and enhance their productivity.


Mental Health


2. Corporate Fitness Programs

If you are looking for a way to incorporate effective wellbeing initiatives in the workplace, you can’t miss corporate fitness programs.

If you have the means needed, then creating on-site fitness facilities is what you should aim for. Also, there are organizations like Exos that provide worksite fitness programs.

Some of the companies provide customized lifestyle programs to improve the workers’ wellbeing and performance.

Since we live in the age of technology, there are even team-based fitness challenges you can complete using apps or utilizing wearable devices.


3. Practice Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness techniques involve meditation, breathing, mental imagery, and yoga. These practices are efficient at alleviating stress and boosting focus and productivity.

Visualization is an overlooked yet potent tool to go beyond our limitations and achieve our goals. Visualization helps people perform better in all aspects of life.

Self-improvement is achieved easier by implementing visualization in fitness, work, or private life. Imagine an important conversation or stressful meeting approaches. This technique helps you arm yourself with strength and positivity and perceive them as less intimidating and less stressful.


4. Access to Healthy Food Choices

Make sure the cafeteria within your organization offers processed-free foods, as well as fresh and organic produce at a moderate cost. You can encourage your staff to eat a more balanced diet by providing discounts for healthy foods sold at work.

Taking a vegan or vegetarian challenge is a great way to promote healthy and mindful nutrition. Opting for nourishing meals, packed with micronutrients, is excellent both for employees’ health and their work performance.

Adding a variety to a healthy menu will get people more interested and feel less deprived when choosing more balanced meals.


wellness and mental health


5. Flexible Work Schedule

To improve employee motivation, consider including one remote workday a week for your staff. Allowing employees to work from an offsite location one day a week can boost their productivity and morale significantly.

They get to take a mental and emotional break from the office environment and annoying traffic on their way to work. The change in scenery has a fantastic effect on the employees’ wellbeing and engagement.

Flexible working arrangements provide greater focus and a flow of new ideas. This type of flexibility also contributes to better work-life harmony, and the workforce is less likely to leave the organization.


6. Encourage Your Employees to Cycle to Work

Cycling to work not only helps your staff exercise more and achieve better health, but it is also great for the environment. And it is a more affordable transportation option too.

Half of most trips are three miles or less, according to The League of American Bicyclists, and they can be easily tackled by bike.

To encourage your staff to bike to work, provide a secure place for bike storage, and pass out materials that promote cycling to work. You can include information on safety, on the best places to purchase a bike, etc.

Offering financial incentives goes a long way. You can consider negotiating corporate discounts on gear from local bike shops.


7. Fight the Sedentary Lifestyle

Even if you are active throughout the day, spending most of the hours sitting in the office, your car or at home, means you are still at risk of cellular ageing and chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death.

In the work environment, you can counteract the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle by adopting walking meetings. It may seem odd, but studies have shown that walking increases creativity output by a staggering 60% while keeping your health in check.

Another way to offset the dangers of all-day sitting is by replacing existing desks with standing ones. While standing, your body burns energy and remains active. This also means the reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes.

When you prioritize the wellbeing of your workforce, the whole company reaps the benefits. Incorporate wellbeing ideas and create a healthy culture in your organization, and your business will thrive.


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How To Prepare Your Business To Recruit Service Leavers
Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

Between 12,000 and 20,000 veterans leave the armed services each year and venture into the civilian workforce. Yet a large percentage of them are struggling to find their perfect job role. Thanks to 31% of recruiters being reluctant to hire ex-military personnel, according to reports by SSAFA. The number one reason? Many of them worry about being adequately prepared to provide the right support for veterans. However, employing ex-military personnel can benefit your organisation in so many ways, like adding all-important diversity to your workplace, a great work ethic and providing your business with highly skilled employees.


Educate Your Recruitment Team To See Past The Differences On A Veteran CV

One of the barriers stopping the recruitment of ex-armed forces employees is the recruitment process. They don’t always take into account the unique skill set that ex-military candidates may possess. Many of them do apply for jobs and end up never getting past the first stage of selection. Simply because their CV does not look like that of a standard traditionally trained professional. Yet, the skills they can bring to the job can be easily transferable and extremely useful. To combat this, focus on training your recruitment team to identify and understand the transferable skills that an armed forces CV can offer.

Research by SAAS showed that some of the positive skills possessed by service leavers include being a strong team player, resilience and being good problem solvers. However, there remains a gap between recognising these qualities and employment practices, according to Jessica Rose at Business in the Community. You can also run regular workshops in your business covering topics such as CV preparation and assessment of employability skills.


Build A Support Package Specifically With Ex-Military Employees In Mind

Offering personalised benefits can attract the right talent, including military personnel. To do this, you must first understand the needs of your workforce. If you are going to be adding ex-military personnel to your workforce, it may be a good idea to do research on the key benefits that matter to them. For example, recent research has shown that levels of PTSD are on the increase for veterans. This indicates the need to prioritise mental health benefits, including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and family therapy.

In addition to prioritising mental health benefits, you will want to focus on other benefits, such as disability and health insurance. A large percentage of the military population retire or leave the armed forces with an injury or disability that may affect their job performance. Securing cover means they feel better having a safety net, and your business is also covered for the possibility.

Most online compensation calculators offer disability and veteran considerations to help you accurately estimate veteran impairment ratings and compensation categories. Another suggestion is to offer direct links to organisations focused on supporting veterans with PTSD and their families. The more uniques support you can provide, the better you will look in their eyes.


mental health



Publicise Your Dedication To Supporting Veterans

The United Kingdom is littered with employers all doing their best to support ex-armed forces. They do this by either offering veteran recruitment programs, retraining or other recruitment initiatives. The one thing they all seem to have in common? They publicise their efforts and willingness to employ military personnel.

Whether it is creating a dedicated careers section for military applicants, offering a veterans employment program, or announcing your vacancies on the social networks of military support organisations, this can ensure your business is noticed by the right people – the veterans.

As a business and employer, this is a responsibility to secure the best talent you can for your organisation. This usually means striking the right mix and balance of differently skilled employees and should include service leavers.

However, you must be prepared to adequately support ex-military personnel, just as you would for any other class of employees. Whether you are just launching your veteran recruitment program or are already an employer of service leavers, it is certainly worthwhile taking the time to design your HR function with them in mind.


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We offer a customisable software platform integrated with multiple selection and screening tools, enabling you to make well-informed recruitment decisions. 

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