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Talent Attraction Software – How SRO can increase your fill rates

Smart Recruit Online - Talent Attraction Software

A recent C-Suite Challenge 2019 survey identified that globally, CEOs place attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal priority and concern.

This is backed up by a CIPD survey of over 1000 major organisations where 98% of CEO’s identified that a successful talent attraction strategy was the most critical element to effective commercial growth.

How SRO can help with your talent attraction strategy

Statistically, Smart Recruit Online (SRO) represents the best online talent attraction solution available to UK business and recruiters in terms of successful fill rates, with an average of 94%.

This is down to our unique ability to select the most relevant media channels and the advanced techniques we use to optimise both visibility and conversion of jobs. This sets us apart and has established SRO as the benchmark that the rest of the industry now aspires to achieve.

If you and your organisation are looking for a way; to increase the number of direct quality applications you receive (even on those harder to fill jobs), consistently get jobs filled, in less time and at a lower cost, then we invite you to look into how SRO can quickly and easily give your recruitment the boost that you are looking for.

The truth is, 95% of business’s talent management systems simply don’t actually do ‘talent attraction’ (most are actually counterproductive to a direct hiring strategy) and this is making your recruitment significantly less effective and placing your organisation at a distinct disadvantage.

Join us for a short online demonstration and we will open up genuine secrets to transforming the way that you recruit and we will boost the results you generate.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a recruitment system in place. Any company can make big improvements without any disruption or incurring any significant costs.

Our SRO system experts will be happy to show you exactly how you can blend a more intelligent media channel selection and acquisition strategy, with advanced copy writing and optimisation techniques. Combine this with a deeper understanding of human behavioural science and you will more than double your positive results and thus keep both you and your CEO happy.

More about SRO

SRO provide a range of highly advanced, low cost recruitment system, tools and services. We have received 5 international recognition awards in the last 18 months and maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rating for over 3 years.

Our recruitment metrics against application quantity and quality, conversion and fill rates are the highest in the UK recruitment industry.

Anyone joining us for an online demonstration will be provided with a detailed proposal document and will be offered a free trial period on our award winning system and tools.

Call us today on 01908 268368 or click here to register your interest and someone will get back to you asap to book your no obligation online walk through.

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