TED Talks: Increase confidence and resilience at work

By Amy Cuddy



Join us for a 20 minute animated presentation by Amy Cuddy, who has performed many years of research into what body language reveals. She talks passionately about the huge affect that just a few minutes of, what she calls  ‘power posing’ each morning can ultimately have on your day. Power posing’ she says ‘doesn’t just increase your own confidence in yourself, but it can also encourage may of those around you to have complete confidence that you’ll be doing a great job.


This presentation has received over 40 million views on Youtube and is the second most-watched TED talk of all time. If you haven’t seen this yet, then we highly recommend putting the 20 minutes aside to watch Cuddy in action.


Why not send this video link to candidates prior to an interview? You’ll score brownie points with the candidate and potentially  help them to deliver a better view of themselves.


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