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The Impact of Recruitment Technology on the Interview Process

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Mark Stephens Jul 16, 2020 Candidate Quality

A recruitment strategy will traditionally consist of a combination of face to face and verbal touchpoints throughout the process.  The impact of recruitment technology on this process is enabling HR and recruiting teams to streamline their activities and operate more efficiently.  We have outlined three key areas where new recruitment technology can have a significant impact on the direct hire strategy. These tools and methods are now being used by the most forward thinking HR teams to help them achieve their recruitment objectives:


Video Interviews

Using video to screen potential candidates saves on interview expenses, time spent travelling and organising meeting rooms. Sometimes the organisation structure is such that, if the interviews run to stage two or three, more senior executives will be involved.  If they are based in an overseas office or out of the country at meetings, the video interview can save the process from being stalled because a senior member of the organisation is away.


Using Skype or video interviewing tools can be a real asset to a direct hire strategy.

  •  Provide relocating candidates with the opportunity to save time and cost on commuting for early stage interviews
  •  Screen volume candidates to avoid spending a whole day interviewing
  •  Interview overseas candidates


There is also the added benefit of screening a selection of candidates prior to setting up interviews, as you can identify the most suitable candidates for interview and therefore save time using video to adopt this process.


Software platforms designed specifically for this process will allow you to set up the video interview, share it with others involved in the process and keep it filed within a cloud-based system. The video can then be viewed, shared and stored as and when required.


Skills and Behavioural Testing

There is a growing skills gap and many organisations are finding it hard to secure appropriately skilled candidates for an ever-changing workplace. There are tools available to test for certain skills and behaviours required that can even assess cultural fit. Using these tools will enable the recruiter to make a sound judgement on how a certain individual will perform in a particular job role.  Getting this judgement wrong can be costly, so using a set of online tools and assessments at screening/interview stage can make all the difference. Tools such as Prism can be used for behavioural mapping and there are a host of online testing tools for various different employment scenarios. Using a cloud based recruitment system will give you access to these tools as well as help you manage the administration associated with it.


Demand for roles, such as software development is growing. The recruitment process for these roles requires evaluation of a complex skillset and is, therefore, harder to assess unless you carry out significant testing.  The successful recruitment team need to adopt the use of online testing to ensure the hiring process screens out the right people to take on this type of role.  The use of online testing for behavioural, soft skills and technical suitability is essential in today’s market.



Using online games to attract staff is fast becoming a feature of the direct hire strategy.  Marriott hotels have used this exercise to engage with and encourage potential new recruits to join their brand.  They have set up social media gaming exercises targeted at Facebook users that fell within their target demographic, to carry out tasks such as running a hotel, buying supplies and managing a reception desk – all virtually.


Obviously this is a global brand and they are reaching out to potential new recruits all over the world. But your strategy could take elements of the gamification process and run interactive games using Facebook or other social media channels to roll it out.


The new recruitment technologies available to recruitment teams are changing the hiring process.  Using elements of these features to assist within your direct hire strategy will help you to streamline the process and appeal to potential new hires.


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Mark Stephens

Mark has worked in, and researched the HR & Recruitment landscape for over 20 years, focussing on the unique blend of recruitment technology, evidence-based processes, and human behavioural science in order to optimise performance and recruitment outcomes. He is a serial entrepreneur, previous winner of the prestigious Chambers of Commerce - Innovation in Business award, and founder of Smart Recruit Online Ltd, and Corporate Wellness & Mental Health UK Ltd (Corpwell). Smart Recruit Online has been the winner of several national and international awards for recruitment innovation.

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