changing career during covid-19
The Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Changing Career During COVID-19
- Oct 29, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread chaos across the globe, forcing millions upon millions of workers to rethink several areas of their life.

From transitioning to a remote working model to dealing with the demands of home-schooling, workers have had no choice but to step back and reflect on the areas of their life they need to prioritise.

One of these areas, in particular, is the job they need to do day in, day out. Whether it be through a result of furlough, redundancy or simply a desire to have a fresh start, many people will have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to change their career or retrain in something else. Many training companies have seen a significant surge in interest, such as in electrician courses, as people look to try their hand at something new.

If this sounds like something you’ve recently been considering as well, then stop. Before you make any potentially life-changing decisions, it’s important to think carefully about whether it’s the right thing to do.

With this in mind, join us as we run through some of the key questions you should ask yourself when thinking about changing your career during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s start with a biggy…


Do you want a career change, or do you simply not enjoy working through a global pandemic?

The transition from working in an office around close friends and colleagues to suddenly working from a desk in your living room has been difficult for several people.

As a result of this, you may be feeling a lot more disengaged with your job than you were pre-pandemic which, in turn, could be contributing to your sudden desire to change career.

It’s, therefore, important to ask yourself whether it’s the job itself you don’t enjoy or the fact you’re having to work through a global pandemic. If it’s the latter, making a hasty career change while it’s still going on could leave you feeling regretful once it’s finally over.


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Why now?

While the pandemic may have intensified your dissatisfaction with work, ask yourself whether it’d be easier to address the key issues you’re having with it instead of jumping ship too soon.

Is there a real urgency to change career, or are you simply doing it because you’re bored with working at home and fancy a change? It can be all too easy to crave something new and exciting but, when it comes to your career, it’s not always that straightforward.

Instead, you need to think carefully about the timeframe of it and do your research beforehand. While it may be the right thing to do, getting the timing right and applying for the right kind of jobs can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your decision is a successful one.


How is your mental state right now?

The coronavirus pandemic has played havoc on everyone’s mental health, so it’s important to consider whether your mind is in the best state to make potentially life-changing decisions right now.

Feeling burnt out has been a common side effect felt by workers during the pandemic, which many think will be displaced by changing career. That isn’t always true though – in fact, you could actually end up feeling even worse as a result.

Therefore, weigh up whether you are ready to make such a big decision and talk to your current friends, family and colleagues to discuss any issues you’re currently having. You never know, by being open and honest with your employer, you could help your mental health recover and ensure you’re properly ready for a fresh career once the pandemic is over.


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Final Thoughts…

After spending so long in self-isolation, desiring a change of scenery is perfectly natural.

However, it’s important to question where you want this change of scenery to come from – your hobbies, your living situation or your job.

Making a career change can be one of the best things you can do but only if you’re 100% certain. You shouldn’t go into one if you think you could end up regretting it, as your old job may not welcome you back with open arms.

Think carefully about it and discuss your plans with others. Also, work out whether it’s a financially viable option and, ultimately, determine whether you’ll feel happier as a result. That, at the end of the day, is the only thing that really matters.


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Annie Button

Annie Button is a Portsmouth based writer and recent graduate. Annie has written for various online and print publications, she specialises in business, recruitment and career development.

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