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The Modern Recruiter and the Future Recruitment Landscape

Success 2019

By Mark Stephens, CEO and Founder at Smart Recruit Online

If you haven’t already seen the interview between Alan Walker and Bill Boorman doing the rounds at the moment, then here it is, sponsored by one of our own integrated partners ClickIQ.

Bill talks rationally about a topic that is close to my heart and incidentally, one that I will be presenting on in a few weeks up in Manchester; the modern recruiter and the future of recruitment technology.

I don’t want to give it all away as it’s a good 30 minute watch, but here are a few headline topics, observations and forecasts that come out of the interview that I agree with.

Alan gets Bill up and running and he comes straight out with ‘we need to redefine what good looks like in regards to recruitment’. He specifies some of the good outcomes he has in mind, to clarify this, like cost savings, using less resources to achieve our goals, using more automation in order to improve engagement levels, to remove the need of an actual person for simply sharing information. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just think of the automated sequences delivered by marketing tools like Hubspot and Marketo. i.e. The candidate completes a task and your recruitment system sends a personalised thank you message or issues the next task.

This is completely possible is we more intelligently establish a recruitment process where information or tasks can be issued in sequence by the recruitment management system.


Bill also talks about delivering a recruitment solution that not only humanises the process, but also looks at the humanity behind it. Doing the right things when recruiting, ethically, embracing diversity and avoiding bias.

And when he talks about humanising the recruitment process, ‘a phrase that I probably overuse’, he refers to something he calls a live ‘face meeting’ as opposed to ‘just a conversation’. We have highlighted the benefits and advantages of using our video products and video conferencing tools as part of the attraction, engagement and screening aspects of recruitment for a while now and we see the tangible evidence through increased conversions and improved retentions when this philosophy is embraced.

On this same topic, Bill talks about ‘reaching deeper within the application funnel’ as opposed to recruiters obsession with filling the funnel, and I am sorry Bill, but I am going to steal that phrase, as it perfectly sums up what I have been describing to SRO users in my demonstrations.

Behind most of what Bill describes and predicts is the need for an aggregated recruitment technology solution that provides a single screen user experience.

People want a single user interface that can manage each aspect and every stage of the recruitment lifecycle from Hi to Hired and like Bill says, does it really matter if 10 different technology providers are combined to deliver a best in class solution for each stage and every activity, if it remains straight forward to use and is effective in delivering the right outcomes and results? Recruiters need to become more project management orientated in the way that they go about recruitment.

Enjoy the video and if you would like to discuss with us how SRO are embracing many of these ideas, within our recruitment management system, then get in touch and we will look forward to showing you the future of what your recruitment strategy could look like much sooner than you think.

Bill Boorman on The Changing Recruitment Landscape – ClickIQ Academy


About Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens has over 20 years of business management experience, across Sales, Marketing, Recruitment and Technology environments. Mark is a recent winner of the Chambers of Commerce award for innovation in business. He is a serial entrepreneur and is the founder of several companies including F10,  Smart Recruit Online and The HR & Recruitment Resource Library.

Mark has established a reputation for his passion and enthusiasm over twenty years working in the recruitment industry, both client and agency side. For the last seven years he has been researching the recruitment landscape from both a technology and people perspective. His insights into market trends are often used and quoted across the industry’s leading publications.

Mark also delivers keynote talks and training to recruitment teams in both public and private sector organisations, on writing better advertising copy, targeting passive candidates and understanding candidate behaviours online.

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