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recruiting top e-commerce talent

Having a great team on board can make your e-commerce business, with research by Nasdaq indicating that by 2040, around 95% of all purchases will be made via e-commerce. There are many e-commerce specialists you may require staff for in your organisation – including content marketers, SEO managers, email marketing specialists, and project managers. How can you ensure your company is attracting the very best talent — the kind that not only fulfils main duties but shows an innovative spirit that will take your business to the forefront of your sector?


1. Embracing Diversity

Glassdoor reports that around 67% of job seekers feel that diversity is important when considering an offer. As reported in a white paper by decision-making platform Cloverpop, diverse teams outperform individuals almost 90% of the time when making business decisions. They also enable teams to be happier and more productive, and to communicate better. A few examples of diverse groups include women, people of colour, and people who identify as LGBTQ+. Take a look at your organization and analyze whether or not these and other groups are well represented and if not, take steps to ensure they are.


2. Ensure Your Business Embraces Top E-Commerce Technology

Savvy teams will want to work with the very best technology available to ensure results are optimal. For instance, talented marketing teams may be used to working with technologies such as augmented and virtual reality for interactive online shopping experiences. These and other advances can help remove drawbacks attached to e-commerce while helping customers glean a better idea of your products and services. Your team should therefore have both the hardware and software needed to customize your client’s e-commerce experience and to make the process more agile, effective, and amenable.


3. Optimal Branding

Your business should leverage its social media pages and networks so as to clearly show new graduates and seasoned professionals alike why working at your company could be a major step-up. Show them what there is to love about your organisation — including your openness to new ideas, your technological and human infrastructure, and any perks enjoyed by employees. Some of the top features that attract millennial and younger generations include flexibility (e.g. the chance to work remotely or to work flexible hours), respect for sustainable practices, and a genuine interest in feedback.


A-list professionals will expect to be able to suggest new e-commerce solutions such as wallet technology, subscription services, customized content and the like. They will also expect you to effect strategies that will most likely benefit your business. Let recruits know that although they have just started, they will have a platform at your company for sharing and effecting new ideas.


E-commerce is likely to play an important role in the success of many businesses across the globe in the upcoming years. Attracting top talent involves many steps – just a few of which include creating a diverse workplace and offering the flexibility that younger generations seek. Using social media channels to share the very best things about working for your company is additionally a solid branding strategy that will reap rewards in the long-term.

Lucy Wyndham

September 10, 2020

Lucy Wyndham is a freelance writer and editor.

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