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Imagine a world with no internet. For many people still alive today, they don’t have to imagine it – they lived it. Prior to the invention of the internet, jobs were first advertised by sticking a notice outside an employer’s window or by newspaper. An employer would call a paper, buy ad space and wait for inbound enquiries to pour in. This provided great revenue for the papers, but often there was no guarantee of how many enquiries they’d get and if they were even right for the vacancy at all.


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Flashforward to the age of the internet, and many companies still have the same problem.

How do you attract the candidates you want, and give yourself the best possible chance of a successful hire?

Though there’s different ways to advertise a job, (which vary industry to industry) there are a few proven methods that you can incorporate into your recruitment process, to give yourself the best chance of hiring the right candidate in a competitive job market. Below are 5 helpful tips that you can use for your future hiring:


1. Recognisable Job Titles

Creating a job title that reflects the position you’re looking to hire is probably one of the most important tips you can incorporate into your hiring process. A job title that doesn’t reflect the role could prevent potential applicants from applying, or a misleading title that conveys too much seniority, or not enough, again, can put off eligible candidates that would otherwise apply. Not only is the job title one of the first thing applicants see, but the title is one of the first things applicants’ search. As such, your job title must include relevant keywords. So, if you’re looking to hire a ‘Video Editor’, be clear and specify the keyword ‘Video’. If you simply list your vacancy as ‘Editor’ or ‘Final Cut Pro Genius’, you’re risking your job post not being seen and responded to. It’s also important then to remember here, that you should stay away from using internal job titles, and stick to universally known titles, e.g., Website Manager instead of ‘Digital Overlord’. If ever you’re unsure, it’s always advisable to research the job market and pay attention to how competitors are wording their ads, as well as testing what gets the more relevant responses before making any final decisions.


2. Show Me the Money!

Posting the salary helps eliminate any doubt or hesitation a potential applicant may have about applying. They may not wish to put in considerable time and effort to apply for something that is unsustainable for them, and they may not wish to enquire before applying out of embarrassment or for fear of being ostracised for mentioning salary before even applying. By posting the salary, you eliminate doubt and any back-and-forth hassle that might put off potential applicants. Alongside that, salary can help determine seniority level if a Job Title is slightly different to what a candidate is expecting or is unclear (see point above) as well as being one of the first things candidates look at when they see a vacancy. Jobs with salaries posted get twice the number of applications and salary is cited as a reason to move job for 81.6% of candidates according to CV library. If you’re looking to get a larger quantity of candidates apply, there’s no reason not to be posting that salary.


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3. Internal Job Descriptions – You Need One

Even if it’s only for internal use, the importance of having a clear and concise job description cannot be overlooked. Not only does it outline the position and the responsibilities of the role and how they’ll fit into the team, but it also means the company is fully aware of clearly defined tasks and responsibilities that the new role will incorporate, and as such, it creates better defined progression opportunities as well as measuring the new employee’s performance. Without the job description, this is much harder to do. It will also help in drawing up the employee’s contract and assigning who they’ll be responsible to and who they may be responsible for.


4. Sell Yourselves…and Your Company

This is where the previous step will come in handy. Now you’re armed with a detailed job description for your own internal benefit, you can focus on converting that information into what’s called a Job Posting, and advertising it to candidates on multiple job boards. This is where you give the candidate a taste of your company brand, perks and benefits of working for you or your company, what’s exciting about the role, progression, and what’s in it for them. It’s important here to be as snappy and concise as possible. On average, candidates browse job posts for less than a minute, with a study by ladders showing that the majority of applicants pay closer attention to the top of the job post, and only skim the bottom, so you only have a short window to hook and interest them in your job post before they keep scrolling. Let that inform your formatting on how and what you choose to convey.


5. Optimise and Post Wisely

Given the fact most candidates don’t scroll past the first page, you’re going to want to get your ad on the first page of any job board. In order to do that, you need optimise it with relevant keywords that are likely to be searched by the candidate. Along with the keyword relayed in your title, you should look to incorporate related or similar terms and make sure that these are relayed throughout the post, as this increases the chances of your job post appearing in the first page of a candidate’s search. It’s important to note here that in a post pandemic world, work from home jobs increased by 300%. Even if that might not be an option, it’s important to note if it’s remote, hybrid, or fully on site, in which case a location is important. With that in mind, you should then begin to think about what boards you would want to post to. You can of course test and research platforms individually, or start by using two or three, but another option would be to use a candidate sourcing software platform that has access to multiple job boards at a discounted rate.


Though there are many other methods of increasing your job post success, the above tips will be a helpful starting point for any business looking to start posting more effectively. At SmartRecruitOnline, we’re experts at helping customers’ make the most of their hiring and we’ve been doing so for over a decade, with proven track success for many of our clients. If you haven’t already, check out our FREE checklist for writing Job Ads that get noticed here.

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November 11, 2022

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