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Using SMS In Your ATS and Recruiting Process

Use of text messaging in recruitment

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate with one another and SMS is used on a daily basis for personal and professional communications.

Text messages have a near-perfect read rate of 98% and are responded to 7.5 times more often and 60 times faster than email according to a report by Recruiter Magazine.

In our own specific experience, we have found that pairing an email with an SMS can cut response times from 48 hours to under 4 hours.

In this blog, we’ll show you how an integrated SMS system on your ATS system can truly revolutionise how you recruit and how to use it to your advantage.


What is ATS integration?

This is basically integrating your ATS (applicant tracking system) via an API (Application Programming Interface) in order to streamline your internal operations. An API integration will potentially enable the user to automatically update their ATS data or send SMS or MMS messages to candidates directly from the ATS’ user interface.

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Why use SMS?

SMS isn’t just limited to blasting candidates, it can be integrated to carry out common tasks for you, such as sending interview time confirmations, reminders or for prompting applicants to complete tasks.

At Smart Recruit Online we found that by issuing an SMS in conjunction with our outbound email communications, that we could vastly improve response times. In our experience, a text message prompt typically cut the average response times on email from around 48 hours to under 4 hours.

A personalised SMS can also result in more candidates completing tasks and simple good luck messages help to humanise the experience and help build rapport and trust with applicants.


Stay connected

Engage candidates through every stage of the hiring process, so you never miss an opportunity to find the right fit and move applicants down your funnel. With SMS you can actually improve the conditions for all parties, including the Recruiter, the Candidate and the Hiring Managers.

Landline texting allows you to use your existing business number to send and receive text messages, taking advantage of high open rates and quick responses without having to expose your personal mobile number. This allows you to build relationships with your recruits, making them more likely to follow through with the application process.


Save Time by Automating your Recruiting Process

The old adage still holds true: time is money and by choosing an ATS with SMS automation, it will save you both time and money by automating the manual tasks that would otherwise consume your day. This is perfect for personalised bulk messaging, and instantly sort contacts into separate databases so that you can send them only the most relevant messages pertaining to their applications.

We also use our software to build complex auto campaigns, that save recruiters valuable time by automating repetitive tasks that eat up a lot of their day. For example, after a job fair, schedule a personalized, automated message to the candidates you met, and include a link to your website with your available positions. If someone clicks the link but doesn’t apply for a job, send them a text the following week to ask if they’re still on the market.

We hope this has been enlightening and helped show you why you need to be using SMS in your recruiting process.

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