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WaveTrackR’s Q1 2019 report on job advert writing statistics for recruitment

WaveTrackR report

WaveTrackR has carried out extensive research into how to the optimum structure for job adverts that will attract the highest number of applicants. There are many factors that can affect how well a job advert does, such as the title, the description and keywords that are used to advertise the role.

Job advert title length

The best performing job adverts typically have a title that is 12-33 characters, or 4-6 words long. A job advert with a title that is too short will fail to grab candidate’s attention, while a title that’s too long will damage the job adverts search listing.

Recruitment statistics, job title length and applications

The relationship between length of job title and percentage of applications


Job advert title

Building on the findings for job advert title length, WaveTrackR has also looked into the contents of job advert titles, such as information on salaries. Currently, only 2.3% of job adverts that are posted include a salary. Job adverts featuring salaries in the title attract on average 13 applications, while adverts posted without salaries attract 20. This shows that displaying the salary in the title is detrimental to a job advert’s performance.

Job advert titles, with or without salary

Performance of job adverts with and without salaries

Job advert keywords

When searching for a job, the candidate will usually start their search with keywords. It is therefore essential to have the correct keywords in your job title, to make sure your advert is seen on the search result pages. Jobseekers are more likely to search for common keywords instead of specialised terms.

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