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Are you using your company website to help recruit new talent? Perhaps you have a great Careers Page and update it regularly with current vacancies, but what about the rest of the site? Ways to attract employees on your website go beyond these basic tactics. 


It is an unfortunate fact that most business websites are not making the most of their online presence, targeting their web content towards attracting customers rather than would-be employees. But you could be missing an obvious trick.  


Let’s take a look at two key pages that every business site should have and that can make a big difference to your recruitment success.


‘Meet the Team’ page

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You wouldn’t want your company to appear as a nameless, faceless organisation. For job seekers doing their online research, a well-executed team page is a great way to attract employees to your company. This will give them a first insight into the people they could be working with as well as a first taste of your company culture.


Share short bios of every team member, mention their individual qualifications and accomplishments to show what they’re capable of. Get creative with your copywriting to bring individual personalities to life. You could share a fun fact about each team member, or any hobbies or other outside interests they might have, so that your staff come across as real people with lives beyond the world of work.


Each person should have a professional photo too. Seeing a human face helps to establish a personal connection, gives a more rounded view of your team’s personality and shows the type of organisation your company represents.


Here’s a team page that grabs your attention immediately, thanks to the vibrant yellow background colour and quirky group picture setting – perfect for a digital design company. In addition, animated portraits and pithy captions showcase each team member’s personality. 


This firm of specialist surveyors even has a team profile of their sniffer dog and office cat, affording the animals full team member status. In an online world where standing out from the competition is everything, it’s also a great way to demonstrate that even a serious professional practice can have a sense of humour.


Online retailer Etsy has devised its team page to reflect the company’s niche in handmade and vintage items. Accordingly, they’ve used a friendly and relaxed approach for their meet the team page, capturing each leadership team member naturally, while the bios show off their commercial prowess. 


A group of people putting their hands together to represent a teamDon’t underestimate the importance of having a good team page on your website, it’s worth making the effort to create a great impression. The purpose of the page is to show that there are real people working for your company. For potential employees, meeting the team in this way is a first step towards making an emotional connection with your business, getting to the point of knowing, liking, and trusting you.


Values & Vision page

Optimising your values & vision page is another key way to attract employees using your website. What makes your company unique? How did it come about and what’s the history? What are your company values, your mission and your vision for the future? These questions are not only important to answer for your customers; potential hires will also be interested to find out more.


Reading these details will draw the visitor in to let them find common ground with your ethos and engage them to the point that they want to be part of the team. If you can show that you are different and/or better than other competitors in your field, your company will stand out from the crowd.


A gif of a graph representing business values & vision improving


Business values and culture are highly important to today’s jobseekers. As one recruitment agent puts it, “professionals want to be hired by organizations that support work-life balance and have values that align with their own. An attractive corporate culture can go a long way toward recruiting and retaining top talent.” (IndustryWeek)


What’s more, employers are expected to do more than pay lip service to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices. Millennials in particular now expect proof, whether in terms of CSR efforts, brand positioning or recruitment efforts that companies practice what they preach. Your website is the ideal place to show the world that you are listening.


Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has a clear statement of values; the page is given a central position on the main menu so it immediately captures users’ attention and informs them of its core values. Swedish furniture giant IKEA sets out 8 key company values here, and there’s even a separate sustainability page to show how they plan to make an active contribution to fight climate change over the next 10 years. At clothing retailer H&M, the Our Values page features an inspiring promotional video that sums up their corporate values.


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In conclusion, it is clear to see that using your business website as a tool to attract employees is hugely important. Using your business website as a way to attract employees should not be limited to to a Careers Page, something that can often appear as a bit of an afterthought. A more coherent approach is to maximise the opportunities offered by your online presence for recruitment purposes as much as for your sales & marketing efforts.


In this digital age, potential hires will scrutinise your website for information about your business activities, your team and your brand values to help inform their decision-making. Delivering answers on the key pages mentioned above is an excellent opportunity to position yourself ahead of the competition when it comes to recruiting talent.


A business is only as good as the people who work there, so make sure you use your online presence to its full potential in order to hire the best. 


If you’re looking to improve your overall recruitment process all the way from attracting talent right up to onboarding your new hire, a talent acquisition platform might be the right solution for you. Interested? Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how it works!

Annie Button

April 26, 2021

Annie Button is a Portsmouth based writer and recent graduate. Annie has written for various online and print publications, she specialises in business, recruitment and career development.

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