How to Create A High Performing Company Culture

Mark Stephens, CEO at Smart Recruit Online and Michal Wisniewski, MD at Flock, examine the best tactics to creating a high performing company culture.

Currently, a staggering 73% of staff in the UK are disengaged from their companies partly due to poor workplace culture, resulting in their overall performance to suffer. The working environment has become hugely important in recent years as a way of boosting productivity, and as a result managers and business owners are now all looking to establish their own culture. However, not all changes create the desired long terms effect, with results often falling short.

This webinar will cover:

  • What a good company culture looks like
  • How to measure and define your existing culture
  • The best methods for engaging the workforce
  • How to use company culture to boost morale and performance
  • How a positive environment can boost staff performance and retention

Watch the webinar now or watch it at your leisure using the link automatically sent to you upon registration.

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