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We conducted extensive research into candidate behaviour and trends, surveying over 5000 candidates. As a result, we uncovered a number of very interesting candidate insights, affecting the recruiter’s ability to generate positive results.


This webinar will cover:

  • Why candidates don’t find your job adverts
  • The emotional triggers to use so that candidates hit the apply button
  • Common reasons why candidates lose interest in your job
  • The dangers of not knowing how your target audience behaves
  • Practical advice on how to improve your direct hiring strategy


Watch the webinar now or watch it at your leisure using the link automatically sent to you upon registration.



“Extremely useful and frankly eye opening. Your webinar has helped shape my thinking so I now have a much stronger understanding of candidate behaviour. I feel that it will be a source of knowledge for us as we grow because I have a better understanding of what I can do to draw in the right kind of candidates and where they can be found.” – Niyet Yebio | Research Lead, Sonia Smith Associates Limited

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