Man sat at computer representing the impact of working from home on mental health

Hosted by recruitment expert Mark Stephens and CEO & Founder of Everymind at Work, Paul McGregor. They discuss how working from home can impact on mental health, and provide advice and tips for businesses on how to combat mental health and the side effects of ePresenteeism.


This webinar will cover:

  • The potential implications of employee mental health while working from home
  • How to normalise conversations about mental health in the workplace
  • The rising culture of ePresenteeism and how to combat it
  • What can be done to address the stigma surrounding mental health
  • 5 top tips to support your team in their new workplace
  • How to help with the anxiety of returning to work


Watch the webinar now or watch it at your leisure by using the link automatically sent to you upon registration.


Don’t have time to view the webinar? Don’t worry – Read our blog post The Corona Isolation Syndrome

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