Recruitment tools on a desk that you need to succeed

Hosted by industry experts Mark Stephens (CEO, Smart Recruit Online) and Tony Restell (CEO, Social Hire). We review the top 10 recruiting tools, ideal for HR teams looking to make their recruitment process more effective.


This webinar will cover:

  • Recruitment tools and services that will ensure better value for money
  • Free tools and services that actually work
  • How technology can dramatically reduce wasted time in the recruitment process
  • Latest tools for more successful applicant screening
  • How different technologies can work together to create best in class solutions


Watch the webinar now or at your leisure using the link automatically sent to you upon registration.



“I found the information very useful. Everything you talked about was very clear and simple to understand. I especially loved the idea of video profiling. Thought that was an amazing recruitment method, obviously not for every job but there are certain roles where something like that could have a massive impact on the selection process.” – Liliana Attrill, HR Assistant, ADV Manufacturing

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