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If you haven’t already come across this subject, then prepare yourself for a new recruitment phrase to enter day to day language of recruiters. Talent mobility, is I predict, about to become a new buzzword with talent retention and HR types.


So what is it and how can an employer use it to its best effect.


With the advent of talent management technology, it is becoming increasingly possible to use Talent Mobility as a way to track and therefore identify candidates from within the existing workplace to fill roles with higher levels of responsibility, more efficiently and faster than ever before.


The ability to monitor the talent within their own workforce now allows employers to benefit fully from the talent readily available within their own staff base, this can be used to identify employees that need to be and should be promoted to higher levels of responsibility.


This is a good thing for the company, as it avoids the need to recruit outside talent to fill the role, and is even better news for a worker, as generally an increased level of responsibility within the new role would come with more recognition, more benefits and higher pay.


Talent mobility is one of those new and not yet popular areas of recruitment within our industry however it is a key topic that should be given more consideration as we move forward into a more technologically advanced future.


Recent studies have shown that 30% or more of all employees in the workforce actively request their company does more to develop them within their workplace, however, studies also show that these same employees do not always have a high level of confidence in their employers’ available development programs. This is an area that professional and forward thinking organisations are going to have to address in the very near future if they wish to benefit from and have an impact on talent mobility.


With the rise of management tools given by a technological revolution within our industry talent mobility will increasingly be used as a monitoring tool.


Employers will in the near future be able to collect data in order to give them a clearer view of the skills and expertise available to them within their own workforce, specific talent mobility software will shortly be an incredibly powerful tool in the search for candidates to fill roles within their current workforce.


Talent mobility will allow employers and employees to design a career path which is almost bespoke for both parties and importantly for the benefit of both parties. The net result will ultimately be more job satisfaction for the employee and crucially higher productivity for the employer, this is a win win situation brought about and finely tuned by the invention and creation of more and more sophisticated targeted software.


A clear example of an individual benefiting from talent mobility software would be the individual who has a desire to move to a more senior position. The technology can show and identify any key missing skills that would be required before the promotion could take place and this would be a priceless tool for the individual and from the employers point of you it would mean that their worker would accept the missing elements and strive to improve themselves for both parties benefit, once again this is a win-win situation.


Any company that does not take full advantage of the available technological advances taking place in and around the recruitment industry should be aware that they could fall behind in their recruitment practices and lose immeasurable benefit that is waiting for them right there in their own ranks.


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Mike Molloy

July 14, 2018

Mike Molloy, is an experienced freelance professional writer & Author He regularly writes blog content for Smart Recruit on a variety of topics including Recruitment and HR related subjects.

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