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Why December is the Best Time to Hire



December may seem like the month where all recruitment activity slows down for both Recruiters and candidates, as both parties start winding down their activities in preparation for the New Year.

However, December could actually be the best time to recruit for several reasons:

Solid January Foundations

A lot of time and resources are spent on a new recruit. Existing employee involvement during the hiring process can be more difficult after workloads begin to mount and new projects are taken on after New Year. Rather than stretching your diaries to accommodate your new hires, use this quiet month to put together a considered approach that will sort the best of the best.

End of Year Reflections

Many of us at some stage have reflected on where we are in our professional roles and how we could improve our prospects. December is a prime time for this sort of self-analysis as another year passes us by. Feelings of needing change will result in job site visits. Savvy employers will pick up on this behaviour and market to candidates before January. On a similar note, professionals considering a new job as their New Year resolution are much more likely to start looking for new jobs in December. Starting your recruitment at this time is great for catching these passive candidates.


A Step Ahead of the Competition

Finding alternative business windows can always work in your favour. Many competitors will be finishing up for the year after a hectic Q4 and therefore will miss out on earlier talent pools. By focusing your efforts in December, businesses are likely to have the pick of the crop who are eager to start a new year with a fresh role – the early bird gets the worm! This set of candidates are likely to be more responsive to phone calls from recruiters and are more likely to be in possession of a mobile phone whilst out and about. Make sure your application sites and vacancies are mobile friendly to connect with mobile users around the country.

Increased Visibility

Jobs boards often slow down during December as many projects at the end of the year are essentially suspended due to vacations and budget restrictions. Employers who advertise vacancies during this time will be much more visible to candidates.



Preparing for Change

December is often used as a time for balancing the books and business analysis. If, by the end of the year, the budget has visibly declined or bonus incentives have disappeared, top performing employees may rethink their current positions. Rather than hurriedly seeking out new talent to fill holes in the business in January, prepare for change early by creating a hiring process that will assess current job seekers in the marketplace.

Accessible Candidates

End of year downtime creates a great opportunity for recruiters and employers to connect with candidates more easily. Full-time workers often struggle to find that window of opportunity to switch roles half way through the year while workloads are in full flow. During the December break, candidates will be active online as they contact friends and family on social media, browse through their email on a regular basis and click around the web in their free time.

As December marks the end of another work year, many professionals update their business profile skills and experience based on their activities over the year. Take the time to promote a great vacancy on social business sites before normal schedules resume after the New Year. Once a candidate has found the right role for them, interview arrangements can be set up more efficiently away from the restrictions of work.

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