Smart Recruit Online – Zoom Integration 


Smart Recruit Online (SRO) is introducing Zoom integration that will allow you to use your Zoom account to schedule interviews/meetings with candidates straight from the SRO dashboard.  

To follow this guide, you will need a Zoom account. If you don’t already have one, signup for a free account here: 

Once you have your Zoom account created, login to SRO dashboard at and click on Interviews in the left sidebar.




If it is your first time using Zoom with SRO, click on the ZOOM button in the top right corner. It’ll open a new window asking you to login to your Zoom account and authorizing SRO to use your account to setup meetings. 

If you have already authorized SRO to connect to your Zoom account, then you won’t see the Zoom connect button in the top right corner.  

Once Zoom is linked, you will see the “Use Zoom Meeting” option whenever you create a Video interview slot.




To invite a candidate to interview, follow these steps: 

1. Create a slot in the right section 

2. Search for a Job or Candidate in the left search field 

3. Once you have found the candidate/job, click on it and then drag it to the slot.

4. Once the candidate or candidates are in the timeslot, tick the “use Zoom meeting” tickbox.




5. Once you have all candidates and slots in place, click on “Save & Continue”.

6. On the next screen, you can optionally either choose an email template or type your own message that will be sent to candidate as interview invite message. Please do not remove the token that is present in the body of the email. This will carry all available slots, via email to the candidates




Once the candidate accepts the interview request, you will receive an email. Email notifications are in your account settings. The system will also add a meeting event in your calendar, and your interviews section will also have updated the candidate’s details. 




In the above screenshot, you can see there are two meeting links. If the candidate didn’t receive an interview confirmation email for any reason, you can send the “Meeting Join Link (for candidate)” link directly to them. The other link “Meeting Start Link” is for you to start the meeting. 

Finally, if you want to disconnect Zoom from the SRO platform, you can do so by visiting or by clicking on “Disconnect zoom” in the interviews area: 



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